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Job Description of a Human Resources Manager

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 07/5/2012

The human resources manager has to handle a lot of responsibilities. Development, recruitment, and welfare of the staff are some of the primary responsibilities of the HR manager. It is the responsibility of the HR manager to make sure that employees are being recruited, managed as well as resourced efficiently. All of these factors contribute to the overall efficiency of the company making sure that the operations are being carried out smoothly. The human resources managers have to implement as well as maintain good practices and policies relating to several things such as employee salary, training and development. They also make sure that a good relationship is built and maintained between the staff and the management and employers.

How much does a Human Resource Manager get paid?

Being a human resources manager, you can expect to earn anywhere between £18,000 and £25,000. As you gain more experience and get promoted to the level of personnel managers, your salary can reach up to £25,000. If you are starting in human resource as a personnel administrator, you will generally get a starting salary of £15,000 to £18,000.

What are the common responsibilities of a human resource manager?

If you are looking for Human resources roles in Cambridge, you must know about your responsibilities. What sort of responsibilities you would have to handle as a HR manager will depend on the nature and size of the company you are working for. In a smaller firm, you may have to handle all the aspects of the job. But those working for large companies generally have to concentrate on a few areas of responsibilities. However, the general responsibilities that a HR manager handles are:

  • Placing ads on the web, newspapers, magazines and so on
  • Recruiting employees through interviewing and selections
  • Responding to the job applicants
  • Planning the company’s personnel needs for the future
  • Referring staff to the company’s payroll
  • Dealing with the issues concerning personnel benefits and pay
  • Managing the staffing needs
  • Managing the staff development and training programmes
  • Arranging staff rotas on a weekly basis
  • Making sure every shift is fully staffed
  • Organising the necessary needs such as staff counselling
  • Making the staff disciplined by implementing the appropriate rules, regulations and disciplinary procedure
  • Giving management team advice on matters related to pay, employment law, and redundancy
  • Developing human resources procedures and policies
  • Promoting equality and health and safety policies
  • Maintaining all the employees records
  • Monitoring and making sure of welfare of the employees
  • Making sure employment law is being followed
  • Liaising staff disputes

These were some of the common responsibilities of a Human Resource manager. However, there may be other responsibilities that one may need to fulfil. But that will depend on the size and nature of the company. If you are a resident of Norfolk, you may want to look for HR vacancies in Norfolk. In order to get a job as a HR manager, you will require the proper qualifications for it. But the required qualification may vary depending on the size and nature of the company. In general, most companies would require you to have good standard education. Having a desire to work in this field or related field is very important as well.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is a writer with years of experience in the recruitment and financial industries. Predominantly a freelance writer he enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. His articles can inform you on Human resources roles in Cambridge.



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