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Job Description of Software Developer

The creation, design, testing and maintenance of software systems are performed by a software developer who is also called a software engineer or a computer programmer. A software developer plays a key role in increasing the efficiency of a business.

What are the responsibilities of a software developer? As a software developer, you may be responsible for performing crucial tasks that are mentioned as follows:

  • Replacing the entire system according to the IT analyst’s specifications
  • Modifying and integrating ‘off the shelf’ software in the existing network which means creating code to connect the two systems
  • Writing programming languages which involve more than dealing with the codes
  • Examining the existing systems
  • Developing ideas for the improvement of systems
  • Working in a team with IT analysts, web designers and other professionals on a project
  • Giving specifications in details
  • Testing the programme thoroughly before presenting it to the client
  • Preparing training manuals for the convenience of users

If you wish to shape a career in the field of software development, you have to be ready to fulfil all these essential tasks.

Software developer jobs come with benefits like bonus based on the performance of the professional.

What are the educational qualifications and skills required? A bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science is the minimum academic qualification to become a software developer.

Higher education such as a master’s degree in the same discipline will help you to get better opportunities regarding software developer jobs. Additional course work in programming languages like Java, Visual Basics, C and C+ can boost your career in the field of software development.

Strong foundation in the web-based programmes is highly needed in aspiring software developers. Expertise in the current software programmes and awareness of the current trends in the industry will be counted as well.

Good communication, organisational, analytical and team-working skills are the requirements to be deemed fit for the position of the software developer. Therefore, start working on these skills to be a successful software developer.

Software developers may require working overtime in the weekdays and at the weekends also to meet the deadlines. Prepare yourself well to work under pressure.

How much experience do you need? Large scale multinational companies prefer to employ experienced software developers. If you dream of getting an employment opportunity in a large-scale MNC, work hard to acquire as much knowledge and specialisation a possible in your first job.

Many companies conduct trainee programs for coaching their fresher employees. Make the most out of the training and coaching under the guidance of experienced professionals. Your internship at a software development company and your freelance work as a software developer can also add to the job experience section in your resume.

Prospects are high for candidates looking for software engineer jobs. You just need to make sure that you have the right skills and educational qualifications to land a good job at a well-known company.

Write your resume correctly highlighting your skills and experience related to the field. You can contact an IT recruitment agency for providing you suitable jobs matching your credentials.

Author Bio: Jo likes to be kept on her toes so the fast paced world of recruitment is a great environment to work in. She writes about all aspects of recruitment, particularly in relation to ERP. You are sure to find her article on the different aspects of software engineer jobs to be of help when you are planning to make a career in this field.


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