Jobs for Ex Felons

It’s no secret to anyone with a felony on their record that getting a decent job can be quite difficult. Sometimes the road can be long and frustrating. This lack of job opportunities is apparently society’s way of dissuading people from becoming felons. The problem is that the road leading to a felony is often built on a lifetime of habits and choices that reflect the world the felon lives in. So how do they make a decent world for themselves without having to resort to the acts that result in felonies?

Many times it is a matter of starting at the bottom and working upwards. In times of recession, this is even more so the case. That’s because many people are grateful to have a job of any kind, whether it be one of menial tasks or not.

Other times, it is possible to have a felony expunged from the record so that it no longer shows up when a criminal background check is done. This is the preferred route, but can be an expensive one. The felon will need to hire a lawyer to represent them and explain why the felon should be expunged from the record. Those who have multiple felonies have very little chance of having any expunged from their record as their history gives the judge no reason to believe that the felon has made any changes to their way of life.

Whether one has a felony on their record or not, education is the most obvious plan of action for getting any kind of decent job. In times when even the most educated people are having problems finding employment, it helps to have every advantage possible. There are many grants and scholarships available to felons that used to exclude them, proving that now is the most appropriate time for the uneducated to rectify that situation.

Whether or not a felon has an education or extensive experience in some field, there are certain steps to be taken that will improve chances for getting a decent job. To begin with, it is suggested that those seeking jobs be persistent and professional in their request for employment. That means having a resume that presents their history in a flattering light along with letters of reference from those with solid reputations. The hope is that the record of positive facts will serve as an adequate counterweight to the negative weight that is carried with the word “felon”.

As someone with a felony searches for a job, there are a few things they should keep in mind to save them some time and frustration. For instance, there are some companies that have a policy to not hire felons. That means that no matter how good of a person they are or how much experience, education and references they may have, they simply cannot be hired. It’s best know this before wasting time applying to such places. Applicants should do their research to save time. Once it is understood that there is no policy against hiring felons, then the applicant should gather every positive aspect about them in the form of resumes and references and put their best foot forward. They should be prepared to start at the bottom and give the employer every reason to move them upwards.


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