Jobs in the Alternative Energy Industry

One up and coming field in which to work is the alternative energy industry. For various reasons, a new focus has been put on finding different ways to meet our energy needs rather than by the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels. As this type of fuel is not a renewable resource, many are attempting to shift the way we produce power away from these sources and toward those that will not eventually run out, such as solar power, wind power, and geothermal energy.

As the number of plants that use alternative forms of energy increases, so do the jobs at these locations. After all, these plants do not run themselves. A staff is needed to install, run, and service the equipment so that it meets the energy needs it was designed for. The following are some of the jobs available in this growing market.


Obviously, it takes a special type of knowledge to design the equipment needed to harness energy from the sun or wind. It is not as easy as buying a bunch of solar cells or windmills and sticking them out in the desert. Exacting specifications have to be calculated before an alternative energy plant is up and running. For instance, a windmill should be located and faced so as to maximize the wind available to it; otherwise it can’t do its job. It also needs to be designed so that wind shear will not snap off the rotors in the event of a major storm. These are just a few examples of the things that need to be thought through before setting up an alternative energy plant.

Construction Jobs

Yes, those in construction can benefit from the green revolution as well. With some focused training, construction workers can specialize in retrofitting buildings to be energy efficient and to use alternative sources of energy. Localized solar cells or small windmills can often be installed onto buildings to cut down on the power that the building draws from the grid. While engineers are needed to design these systems, it also takes manpower to install them, and that is where construction workers come in.

Automotive Jobs

As the auto industry slowly moves toward the use of alternative forms of energy such as hydrogen and electricity, more and more jobs are created for those who would like to specialize in the complex systems that “green” vehicles use to power themselves. Just as with regular gas-burning autos, there will always be a need for repair technicians, and automotive technicians who have the specialized training to be able to work on hybrid, electric, and fuel cell systems will be in great demand in the coming decades.

Thus, there are many opportunities in the alternative energy industry for people who would like to be ahead of the curve in terms of technology. This industry is growing at a rapid pace, so more and more jobs are becoming available each year in this exciting career field. By going through specialized training, one can turn an ordinary traditional profession such as construction into one in the fast-moving alternative energy industry, and greatly expand his or her prospects.


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