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Johnson create new drive motor for machines

  • By Eduard Holdsworth
  • Published 01/31/2013

Doing laundry can be a chore, but it’s good to know that there are innovators out there who take the business very seriously – and our piles of washing much easier to manage! Johnson Electric is certainly one of those companies who make the things we have to do in life much more bearable, by constantly looking for new ways to make progress with the machines we use on such a regular basis. They have recently announced the Flux Multiplier drive motor product line for washing machines. This innovative drive motor technology delivers the widest speed range and supports multi-wash modes for improved washing performance. The Flux Multiplier motor output torque can handle 12 kg wash loads and 6 cubic feet drum sizes.

The Johnson Electric Flux Multiplier Drive system is based on interior permanent magnet brushless motor technology. An intelligent motor controller enables the drive to deliver a 30:1 spin to wash speed ratio for multiple wash modes. The Flux Multiplier motor has very long life, high efficiency and quiet operation. The efficient drive reduces energy consumption by 40% in comparison to traditional induction motors. Energy savings exceed A+++ and Energy Star ratings.

“The Flux Multiplier Drive supports the latest washing machine design requirements, for the best washing results and energy savings,” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing. “This innovative drive motor is easily integrated within current washing machine designs,” he added.

The Johnson Electric Group is the world’s leading provider of innovative motion systems and components for automotive applications, domestic equipment, office equipment, industrial products, consumer products and medical devices. The Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and has over 40,000 employees in 23 countries. Innovation and product design centers are located in Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, UK and the USA.

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