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July 2015 Goldspot and JetPens Giveaway Winners


The Logitech MX Wireless Performance Mouse is 42% off – Only $58 compared to the usual $100 price tag

Before we get to the two monthly giveaway winners there is a great deal I wanted to share on an amazing mouse.  The Logitech Wireless Performance MX Mouse (via Amazon) is a fantastic upgrade to your current clicky pointy device and at a serious discount.  Its only $58 compared to the usual $100 price tag.  Back when I had an older version of this mouse it drastically enhanced my computing experience with the extra navigational elements built into the scroll wheel and additional buttons.  It has some modifications since then as well as an improved laser sensor on the bottom that even works on glass.  Get on that deal if you need a new mouse, you definitely wont regret this purchase.


Our Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Pack winner is Darlene Propp, so Darlene if you are reading this shoot us an email via the contact us page and we can get you on the path to choosing your new Lamy fountain pen, Rhodia notebook and bottle of ink!


Our JetPens gift card winner is Michael Torsell, same goes for you Mike, shoot us an email so we can confirm where you want your $25 JetPens.com gift card emailed!

Here is our Levenger Pen Case winner too!  Just use those same contact links to email us with your mailing info so we can get the pen case in the mail to you.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sorry for bunching our giveaways together at the end of the month like this and in place of a normal review day, but its been an incredibly busy month and I wanted to get these in before we got into August.  For those of you reading this and asking “Whats going on here?  Am I signed up for this?” check out the giveaway sign up page here and get yourself entered, we usually announce these around the 15th and 30th of each month, ideally on a Sunday.

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