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July 2016 Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Pack Winner

Happy Sunday to everyone, today we have our July 2016 Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Pack winner to announce.  Whenever we announce one of our two monthly giveaway winners, I like to try and include a great deal or sale that I’ve found.  Today that goes out the window, and instead I have for you a pretty awesome, but also pretty ridiculously priced item.  Its an actual working vintage typewriter that can also be used for a computer, tablet, or smartphone keyboard.  It has Bluetooth connectivity as well as a USB connection, and well of course a black printing ribbon for old school typing.  You can check it out here on Amazon, but at that price I wouldn’t exactly think its a reasonable purchase for most.


OK, so now on to our July 2016 Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Pack Winner!  This month, the random number generator decided that Abby Fox, the 3560th active subscriber on our list is indeed this month’s winner of a fancy new fountain pen and accompanying gear.  If you are Abby, you can reply to that email in your inbox that we sent everyone this morning, or just click here to shoot us an email so we can get the ball rolling with your prize selections.  For those of you who have not yet signed up for these twice monthly giveaways, you can do so here.

Thanks to everyone for participating and supporting the site, and thanks to our friends at Goldspot for sponsoring this fun giveaway.  Before the end of the month we will also be announcing out next Jetpens gift card winner, so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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