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July 2017 JetPens Gift Card Giveaway Winner

Today we are announcing our monthly JetPens gift card winner, but first I wanted to give a quick update on an item I previously reviewed from JetPens that was completely out of stock when I posted the review.  If you haven’t guessed that item yet, its the Fisher Space Pen Backpacker that I compared to the Fisher Space Pen Trekker in this review. Every color was completely out of stock at the time of that review, but now it looks like all colors which include black, blue, orange, red, and silver are back in stock.  This pen is a must have in my opinion if you like to have a durable, easy to carry pen that will write in any condition with you at all times. Check it out in all of the colors right here via JetPens.


The winner of this month’s $25 eGift card from JetPens is Kelly Jackson, so if Kelly is out there and reading this, just reply to the email in your inbox that everyone received this morning, or use the “About/Contact” link below to shoot us an email so we can coordinate the delivery of your gift card.  For those of you still not signed up for these giveaways, its pretty simple, click the link, type your first name, last name, and email address, done.  Its right here and its free, so do it. 🙂

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