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July 2017 Giveaway Winner

Its time for our twice monthly giveaway, and this month I think we have a nice surprise, for what the winner gets. Before we get to the winner though, I wanted to share this 12 pack of Sharpie Pens. Not only are Sharpie Pens an excellent writing option, but this 12 pack is being offered up on Amazon for the cheapest price they have ever been at.  Not sure if its carryover from Prime Day or what, but the sale price of $9.58 compared to the regular price of $16-$20 (buy here via Amazon) you aren’t going to beat this deal.


So for this month’s giveaway I thought I would giveaway a brand new Pelikan Stola III Fountain pen (our review here) to our lucky winner, Thom Davies.  If you are Thom, just reply to the email everyone got in their in-box this morning, or use the About/Contact link below to get in touch so we can get your new pen in the mail to you!  For those of you not signed up for the twice monthly giveaways, you can do so here!

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