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Jumbo Binder Clip


The Jumbo Binder Clip. I have no idea why I need this, so I wont even pretend like I do.

UPDATE: Where to buy the jumbo binder clip:

Jumbo binder clip here here on Amazon.com

Also, you can also get the jumbo binder clip in white from Poppin.

These seem to be a very popular item.  I’ve watched them go in and out of stock frequently over the last year, so I would suggest ordering from one of these three places as soon as you recognize the need.  If not, you may be in for a wait before they are stocking them again.

We all know that one of the most popular and widely used office supplies is the binder clip.  They are really versatile tools to have around the office for clipping, holding, and modifying things, so when I saw this giant binder clip at Bob Slate Stationer on my trip to Boston, I had to have it.

My new jumbo binder clip next to a socalled “large” binder clip.

As you can see from the picture above, the jumbo binder clip is are ridiculously large compared to what some people have the nerve to classify as a large binder clip.  When I found this at Bob Slate Stationer in MA and brought it up to the counter, the reaction of the cashier was great.  It went something like this:

OSG: *plunk* the jumbo binder clip hits the counter and I probably have a smirk on my face that reads “Thats right, Im buying THIS”

Cashier: “Oh, one of….THESE” with a disparaging head shake and a slight smile.

OSG: “Yup!” said as confidently as could be

Cashier: “We dont sell these that often, its a….um, well its a unique item”

OSG: Forks over my $3.50 to secure the purchase of one these amazing new jumbo binder clips

Now that I had the chance to get this beast home and play around with it I started to think “well what the heck am I going to do with this thing?” and I realized, I dont care what I do with it.  I just like having it.  For comparisons sake I figured I would take a few pictures of it to show what it is capable of.


This thing eats small binder clips for breakfast.

After comparing the standard “large” versions to my jumbo binder clip in the second photo above, I was ready to move down the food chain and see what it looked like next to some of the smallest versions that are typically available.  Forget about a comparison of just one individual one to the jumbo version, I wanted to show the impressive girth that the mouth of this thing has.  I figured the best way to do that was to shove 2 boxes of 12 of the smaller ones in there and it ate them up with room to spare.


The jumbo binder clip clamps down on a large binder clip.

Having stuffed the jumbo binder clip full of 24 small ones, I thought I should quicly check out if it could handle eating one large binder clip.  Just like a snake that unhinges its jaw to inhale a goat, the jumbo binder clip took to the task with no problem.  If this thing was alive I dont think I could afford to feed it.


600 pages of Austrian Economics you say?

Now that I was done messing around with things that didn’t really relate to the intended use of a binder clip, I thought I should test out the claim of being able to hold 300 sheets of paper.  To me 300 sheets didnt seem like enough, so I found one of the biggest books I had on hand (literally on Woody’s hand, see him crushed under the giant binder clip and the huge book?) which is a great book on economics by famed economist Ludwig von Mises.  All 600 pages** of this book were eaten up by the jumbo binder clip with no problem, so that whole 300 page capacity is clearly just a suggestion.

**Quick Note: See the comment below from one of my more level headed and math-competent posters where they point out my ridiculous oversight here.  It really is a 300 page capacity that this can handle, the book was 600 PAGES, not sheets of paper.  I just figured I would leave the unedited text above and include this note as not to have it look like I was trying to cover up my initial stupidity on the capacity.

In reality, if I was going to use this giant binder clip I think it would be good for a big old stack of papers that I might want to hang from a hook on a wall or something like that.  The sad reality though is that even though I’ve had this item for a while now, I still have no “real” use for the jumbo binder clip, but again, I still just love having this thing…its by far one of the coolest office supplies I’ve ever owned.


Using the jumbo binder clip as notebook stand.

Finally, the last use I found for my jumbo binder clip was actually something that I did in the past that worked out well with a normal size one and a small Rhodia notebook to make a book stand.  I figured I would try out my new giant one with a bigger Rhodia 90g Web Notebook, and sure enough it worked out just fine as you can see from the picture above.  This leads me to the conclusion that you can pretty much use this giant binder clip for anything and it WILL work.  Feel free to let me know of any ridiculous tasks that you think the jumbo binder clip might be good for.  I might take a shot at doing an Office Supply Geek style Myth Busters test based on your suggestions.

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