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June 2015 Goldspot Prize Pack Winner


Today we are announcing out Goldspot fountain pen gift pack winner but there is also a great sale over on Amazon that I wanted to share too.  Although the Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Ink pens (via Amazon) aren’t my favorite pens, I know they have a pretty strong following out there so I wanted to share this great sale on them.  At only $10.40 for the 8 pack, thats a savings of about $6-$10 compared to their usual price of $16-$20 in most places.


Our winner of this month’s Goldspot prize pack of a new Lamay Safari, Fountain Pen Ink, and a Rhodia Webbie notebook is Cynthia Belisle, so if you are out there Cynthia, just use the About/Contact link below to send us an email so we can coordinate your prize selections.

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