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June 2016 Jetpens Gift Card winner and a Disc Binding Alternative

Before we announce the June 2016 Jetpens gift card winner, take a look at this interesting alternative for disc binding (like Levenger) pages, planners, and accessories (via Amazon) that I stumbled across by accident this weekend.  Its definitely more in the scrap booking realm, but they are worth a look for some alternatives like different discs and page layouts.  I’ve done some googling and there are people out there who say the Levenger punches and discs work with these as do the Staples ARC brand, but I have not tried myself.  I placed an order though and should have some of their stuff in my hands soon so I’ll be sure to let you know what I find.


So our June 2016 winner of the $25 Jetpens gift card is Ewing Neelley, so if you are reading this Ewing, just reply to our email in your in-box, or click here to contact us via the contact page here on the website.  For everyone else, well better luck next time, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled, and double check your bulk mail folders and be sure to white list our email address so you don’t miss any reminders when we announce our winner twice a month.  Many thanks as always to our great sponsors of this giveaway at Jetpens!

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