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Just an photo is enough

  • By adVFDV jackAVVG
  • Published 06/9/2011
  • Fiction

At the age of 13,when I get the full score of the maths ,my grandpa rewarded me with a purse of famous brand .I were so excited that I promise that I would cherish it forever.Then my grandpa raised me a question that why he gave me a purse as a present.”Because my dear grandpa wants me to study hard and earn a lot of money in the future.” I said. ” Well ,it’s just one of the reason.Besides,I prefer you to put a photo of the whole family,which can accompany with you,reminding you that family is always your full support.” What my grandpa said had touched my inner soul and I resolved to keep this purse as long as I were alive. As time went by ,I have more and more purses ,which are more and more attractive.Subsequently, I have set aside the one my grandpa had given me and even forgot its existent.It’s certainly that I never put a photo inside my purses again. Several years later ,my dear grandpa passed away. When he was dying,he tried his best to talk to me though he was so feeble ,”Sweet heart, I hope that you have kept that purse that I have given you .It’s the first present I give you so I hope it can be meaningful .Actually ,I gave it to you not because I want you to make a big fortune in the future but I just would like you to remember the pure relationship of our family .We will always in favor of you .””Yes, grandpa .I have kept it till now and will cherish it forever as I promised you .” I said . When I get back home,I took the purse out of the bottom of my cabinet .When I opened it ,I found an photo of our whole family which I had put inside many years ago .Grandpa looked terrific at that time but at this moment ,he was bedridden and was dying .Tears fulfilled my eyes when I thought of this .I didn’t cherish my family as grandpa told me. Since then,I have been using the purse my grandpa have given me again ,It’s not only a promise bur my recognition of the importance of my family.Time flies and you should cherish it well or you will feel regretful when you loose it. For a purse ,just an photo is enough. Learn more about -Gucci handbags on sale and pick up one online at -http://www.bestbagsbuy.ru today to delight in the decent feel it delivers to you.


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