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Justick Electro Adhesion White Board Review

This has to be one of the more interesting and practical office supplies we have had our hands on in a while.  The Justick Electro Adhesion Display Boards (via Amazon) don’t require any type of thumb tacks, glue, magnets, tape, or staples to affix flat smooth items to them.  These bulletin boards rely on electro adhesion (imagine the static electricity from a pair of wool socks fresh out of the dryer) to attract smooth flat items like paper, flyers, articles, and even CDs/DVDs to them.


Justick Electro Adhesion Bulletin Board

As you can see in the video above, the magazine page, index card, and business card all attract to the flat surface of the board, and come back off very easily with no residue on the back of the items, and no damage to them either.  It is a very light bond created, but strong enough to hold these items firmly in place once you lay them on the surface of the board.  The item in the video above is the Justick Desktop Board (via Amazon and ThinkGeek) that measures 7.875″ x 11″ on the flat postable surface.

There is also a 3′ x 2′ black version (via Amazon and OfficeMax) that you see above.  The desktop version, as well as the  larger versions we show above and below (the one below is actually a dry erase board too) run on 4 AA batteries OR an AC adapter, neither of which are included with your purchase.  The dry erase one does come with a small ledge that slides on where you can rest your dry erase marker and/or eraser.


Justick Electro Adhesion White Board

Now although this white version above may look like the one right above it, its actually a bit different.  This is the Justick 3′ x 2′ White Board version.  The white board version works just like the others, where your documents and papers stick directly to the boards surface, however there is a clear sheet that lays over the papers once they are stuck that turns it into a dry erase board.  The calendar template that you see in the photo above came with the board, and there are also other templates available via the Justick website.  If you click on the photo there, you can see where I was able to write in the dates and month/year on the dry erase covering on the board.

The Justick Electro Adhesion Display Boards for this review were sent to us for review free of charge from the folks at Justick, however I have to say that these things are pretty convenient and cool.  Not only do they make it simple and easy to hold and display your important documents, but they also do it in a way where the boards surface and your documents don’t need to be punctured, taped/torn, or glued to anything so they remain looking new once they are used.  The only minor wear on anything that I’ve seen is just on the corner of the paper once I removed it from the board because it requires getting your finger nail under there to lift it off.  Overall though these are definitely a big upgrade over any other white board, bulletin board, or desktop stand for holding papers, so definitely give them some consideration if you are in the market for something like this.  There are also larger versions designed for convention and store displays too.

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