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Kate's parents, sister and brother are from charles county home

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  • Published 05/4/2011
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Starting from September 2002, William and Kate, as well as their friends and Olivier Brod Lisidaier Fergus moved into the center of town with a two-storey apartments, each paid £ 100 per week rent .The end of the second study, their relationship is very close. April 1, 2004, Kate Wilhelm looked at photos of affection published in the British “Evening Dresses”, the background is the snow-capped Alps. Spread rumors for several months to be confirmed: William and Kate definitely more than just friends.January 8, 2006, William graduated last in Royal Military Academy began training. November that year, Kate was invited to attend the royal Sandringham traditional Christmas lunch, this is the first time she had been such an invitation, Kate insisted that only when she wore the ring, she will go to San Sterling Graham. For Kate’s family, the wedding before the 27th was a busy day.

Day, Kate’s parents, sister and brother are from Charles County home, Burke traveled to London, stay at five-star hotel Gorin

g Hotel. In addition, many of Middleton family friend were also invited to stay. This is the arrangement of the British royal family, as Kate’s home is not in London, so she will be living in a hotel waiting to get married Goering. Hotels in Buckingham Palace next. 29 morning, the prince will also come to Goring Hotel, took her to Westminster Cathedral.27, the day, Kate’s mother Carol, sister Pippa are looked radiant, and they bring large bags into the hotel. Kate’s father also came to London with the whole hood costumes. Luggage bags in a special dress. This is said to Kate’s mystery Simple Bridesmaid Dresses. Kate, a busy exception, but it appears that William, a calm.27 Queen Elizabeth as usual “work.” She was wearing a light blue suit, wearing a hat the same color ribbon, go to Cambridge to participate in the luncheon, also attended the 500th anniversary of St. John’s University conference. William’s father, Prince Charles, the day of the visit to Scotland to attend the inauguration of a building, his wife, Camilla, Kate’s mother is coming to stay intrauterine St. Lawrence.



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