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Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen Double Broad Nib

The Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen is an amazing looking writing tool.  Don’t be fooled by the good looks though, there is definitely more too it than just the visual appeal.  Before we dive into the review though I want to thank Sebastian from Kaweco for sending this pen over for review.  He also sent along a ton of other products you will see us review from them in the next few months.


Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber on Levenger Circa Dimensions Notebook

You can probably already tell that I’m a big fan of carbon fiber material on things in addition to my preference for things that are all or almost all black.  The picture above shows the Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber fountain pen on top of my Levenger Circa Dimensions Notebook with the carbon fiber pattern.  The Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber fountain pen measures 4.25 inches long when the cap is screwed on and 5.25 inches when the cap is posted.  I enjoy writing with the cap posted but you can still write comfortably with the cap not posted if that is your preferred method.  Although the cap  is pretty long, it does not make the pen top heavy when you post it because the majority of it slides down the body of the pen so it doesn’t stick up too far.


Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber on Red Wine Glass

As you can see from this photo, the Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen has a body that is cylindrical and wrapped in carbon fiber material.  The grip section is black matte finished aluminum material.  The cap has a mix of the black matte aluminum with carbon fiber inlays in a hexagonal shape.  And for those that are curious, no I didn’t dip the tip in the red wine, that is actually just ink.  I’ll get to the ink and writing sample in a moment.


Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fountain Pen with Double Broad BB Nib

Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen Writing Experience

This version of the Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen that was sent to us came with the double broad or BB nib. I usually stick to the extra fine and fine nibs so this was a big change for me.  You will also notice in this photo that there is a blue ink cartridge that came with the pen.  I never used the cartridge but instead opted for using the converter and my own ink.  The converter is a separately sold item though if you don’t want to use ink cartridges.  One of the other nice things about this pen is that the nibs are interchangeable so you can swap different size nibs easily.


Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber Writing Sample on Levenger Circa Paper

I decided to go with the converter because of the double broad nib which is great for inks that have good shading to them.  I remembered I had a nice bottle of Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses ink which is a really nice looking ink that shades well.  The double broad nib on the Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber fountain pen lays down a nice wide line of ink that lets the great visual characteristics of this ink show through.  Because I always write with pens that have smaller tips and nibs it took a few minutes to get used to writing with a nib this broad but I quickly adjusted and couldn’t stop writing with it.  The ink flow was incredibly smooth and there never seemed to be a second where the tip skipped or felt rough against the grain of the paper.


Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber Writing Sample Scan on Levenger Circa Paper

The photo above shows some of the good shading you can get with a double broad nib and a great ink like the Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses.  The nib on the Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber was one of the smoothest I’ve used minus some of the ultra expensive pens I’ve used.  I liked using this pen for more personal things like two hand written thank you notes that I had to recently write.  Using a pen and ink like this makes a handwritten note much more personal because it has so much character to it with the wide line width and unique shading from the ink.  I would definitely recommend grabbing one of these pens for the looks and writing experience that they provide.  Its not the cheapest fountain pen out there, but the writing experience and visual appeal of the Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen is certainly well worth the price.


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