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Kaweco Allrounder Fountain Pen EF Nib Review


Kaweco Allrounder Full Body and Box

The Kaweco Allrounder fountain pen has an aluminum body with a smooth matte finish and nickle plated accents.  This particular version of the Kaweco Allrounder fountain pen (available via Amazon or Jetpens) was provided to us for review by the good folks at Kaweco, however the free pen doesn’t translate into a biased review by any means, so lets take a look at how this pen fares.


Kaweco Allrounder EF Cap and Clip

A close up of the Kaweco Allrounder fountain pen shows the great contrast between the polished chrome plated accents and the smooth matte finished blue body.  Besides the blue version here, there are also black, red, and silver versions available.  The quality of construction and visual appeal of this pen are great.  Even the threaded grip section is made of a solid piece of aluminum just like the rest of the pen.


Kaweco Allrounder Nib and Cap

The extra fine nib on the Kaweco Allrounder fountain pen is stainless steel and iridium tipped and can be fed your favorite ink via a converter which is included or using your favorite international short ink cartridges.  Besides the EF nib, you can find this fountain pen with a F, M, B, or BB nib as well.  The anodized aluminum body is not only great looking, but it also affords a certain amount of durability while maintaining a fairly light weight.

Kaweco Allrounder Fountain Pen and EF Nib Writing Sample.


Kaweco Allrounder EF Writing Sample

Writing with the Kaweco Allrounder fountain pen with the extra fine nib left me with some mixed feelings.  On one hand, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the EF nib actually puts down a finer line than my Lamy Studio with an EF nib.  In general, it seems that German fountain pends tend to have a bit wider written line than their Japanese counterparts, so it was interesting to see that this was noticeably thinner than one of its fellow countrymen.  With the good though comes some bad, or maybe not bad, but definitely not so good.  The trade off with the extra fine nib is that the pen tends to be a somewhat scratchy writer regardless of the different papers I tried it on.  My best result came with the Black n Red notebook pictured in the writing sample above, but it still wasn’t great.  One of the reasons I even tried the Black n’ Red notebook was that it tends to be a smooth writing paper so it can help make even a scratchy nib feel a hair smoother.

At the end of the day, the Kaweco Allrounder fountain pen looks and feels fantastic when writing with it, however the nib itself could stand to be a bit smoother.  If you put a high value on the look of your fountain pen, and can tolerate a slightly scratchy writing experience this might be a good pen for you.

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