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Kaweco Sepia Brown Fountain Pen Ink


Kaweco Sepia Brown Fountain Pen Ink Bottle and Cartridges

Today we will take a look at the Kaweco Sepia Brown fountain pen ink in a 30ml bottle and also in cartridges.  These samples were generously sent to us by Sebastian from Kaweco for the purpose of this review.   I generally prefer my fountain pen ink from a bottle but we did test both delivery methods.


Kaweco Sepia Brown Fountain Pen Ink Bottle Looking In

Inside the bottle of Kaweco Sepia Brown Fountain Pen ink you can see that on the lid it has almost a muddy or dark mocha color to it.  If you look at the walls of the glass though you can see it has a much lighter appearance.  In my experience it seems that when you write with an ink, it tends to be slightly darker than whats on the walls of the glass, and in the case of the Kaweco Sepia Brown that is definitely the case.  Oh, and you might notice that I’ve got my Levenger Circa Bomber Jacked Planner in the background because I thought the colors matched well with this ink.

Kaweco Sepia Brown Fountain Pen Ink Writing Samples


Kaweco Sepit Brown Fountain Pen Ink Writing Sample

I enjoyed writing with the Kaweco Sepia Brown Fountain Pen Ink because it is not a color that I typically put to use.  The writing sample above was done with two different pens.  One was a Kaweco Sport with a medium nib and the other was the Noodler’s Ahab Flex to show off the shading and tones in this ink.  I didn’t have any issues with flow in either pen, and it handled well on the Levenger Rhodia paper that I tested on which is the standard in all of my notebooks.  There was absolutely no bleed or show through except for a few minor points where the widest line from the Noodler’s Ahab Flex showed some minor dots on the other side.  Neither pen exhibited any nib creep with the ink which is definitely a plus as well.


Kaweco Sepia Brown Fountain Pen Ink Writing Sample Compared to Uniball BLX Brown Black

In order to give a little bit of a reference point I’ve also got a comparison to a Uniball Jetstream BLX in Brown Black included.  You can see that the Uniball ink is a little darker since it is a mixture of both brown and black.   Speaking of comparisons, there was definitely not difference between the ink that came from the cartridges when compared to the ink from the bottle.  Not that I wold expect there to be a difference, but I though it was worth noting.


Kaweco Sepia Brown Fountain Pen Ink Writing Sample – Standard vs Flex Nib

Ignoring my wretched handwriting, you can see that there is a lot of shading and variation of color you can get with this ink depending on the nib that you use.  As the line sizes vary you can see the ink color go from a watered down hot chocolate color down to a rich deep dark chocolate color.  This is a nice performing ink that definitely deserves a spot in your rotation if you want to mix things up and take a small step away from your standard blue or black.  Thanks again to Sebastian for sharing this Kaweco Sepia Brown fountain pen ink with us.  If you have the urge you can grab your own over on Amazon.

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