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Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen


Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen In Box

My good friends from Jetpens.com sent over this great little Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen that I’ve actually had my eye on for a while, but had kind of forgotten about.  Normally I wouldn’t share a picture of just a box, but I really like the color combo here as well as the design and font, just a very “charming” looking box if you ask me….and I really don’t use that word very often.


Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen Body Capped

The Kaweco Sport Classic is a compact fountain pen measuring just over 4″ while capped, but when you untwist the cap and post it, the full length grows to about 5.3″ which makes it very comfortable in the hand while writing.  The cap itself has 8 flat sides around it, while the body is completely smooth and rounded, with gold script writing with the “Kaweco” brand name written on it.


Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen Logo Cap

The top of the cap has a little bronze colored metal disc inserted with an additional Kaweco logo stamped in it.


Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen Uncapped

As I mentioned previously, when the pen is uncapped and the cap is posted, it measures almost 5 1/2″ long and is very comfortable and balanced in the hand while writing.  Just below where the threadding is for the cap to twist onto, the pen body unscrews and you can access the international size ink cartridge replacement.  The pen comes with one blue cartridge inside that you will get a look at shortly.


Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen Nib Removed

The nib and feed can easily be pulled out of the section of the pen which certainly makes it easier to clean and maintain.  All it takes is a firm twist and pull to remove these two pieces.


Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen Components

Like I said before, the section of the Kaweco Sport unscrews to give you access to the international sized ink cartridge that comes with the pen.  Once you open it up like that you simply stick the smaller tip of the cartridge into the back of the section until you feel it lock into place.  There is a good video of installing the cartridge on the Jetpens site here.


Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen Writing Sample

Writing with the Kaweco Sport was mostly a nice experience.  I would say that 90% of the time the nib would glide across the paper as smooth as could be, however about 10% of the time at just the right angle, I would catch the very slightest bit of scratchiness.  Each time I got that scratchy feeling, I also had a quick skip in the ink, so it did get a little annoying, but not enough to completely ruin the otherwise good writing experience.  At this price range, and considering the compact and portable size, I didn’t expect perfection, so I’d still say this pen is a winner for someone looking for a sturdy every day fountain pen that is easy to transport or toss in a bag.  In terms of the ink, I was a little bit surprised (but not in a bad way) at the color of the blue ink that it came with because it definitely  has a hint of purple in it, which happens to go nicely with the Clairefontaine paper because its almost an exact match with the rulings on the page.

Thanks again to Brad and Jetpens for the review sample of the Kaweco Sport, it was definitely an enjoyable pen to write with.

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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