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Kaweco Sport Rollerball Review .


Kaweco Sport Rollerball Pink Capped

Not too long ago, the good folks at Kaweco sent us a ton of products to review.  We have been going through to test and review them, but trying to space out the reviews here so we wouldn’t have to rename the site KawecoSupplyGeek.  The Kaweco Sport Rollerball pen is our next pen and a nice switch from fountain pens.  As much as I love writing with my fountain pens, its always great to have a reliable non-fountain pen on hand for the convenience factor.  Oh, it goes without saying, but just because this was a free review sample doesn’t mean our view of the pen will be skewed to the positive.  If you are looking to pick one of these up, they can be found just about anywhere which includes some of our personal favorites such as Amazon, Goldspot, and JetPens.


Kaweco Sport Rollerball Pink Uncapped

My favorite thing about this pen besides the variety of bright colors it comes in is the nice compact size when the cap is closed.  It measures 4.125″ long with the cap closed and 5.25″ long with the cap posed.  When the cap isn’t posted and the pen is closed its easy to carry around without the worry of the pen tip stabbing something in your purse or pocket, and it wont pick up lint in that situation like many other uncapped pens would.


Kaweco Sport Roller ball Writing Sample Black n Red Notebook

Kaweco Sport Rollerball Writing Sample

The most important feature though is obviously how well the pen writes, so here we have the Kaweco Sport Rollerball writing sample as done in a Black n’ Red notebook.  The ink in this pen is a consistent dark black that doesn’t show any signs of skipping, globbing, or any other bad behavior.   It just put down a bold consistent line of ink every time in my experience with it.  You will however see in the image above that the dry time for this ink (at least on Black n’ Red notebook paper) was pretty slow.  I did get slightly better results on the paper in my Rhodia Meeting Book though, so that is one variable that could change the results that you get with the pen.  Although I wouldn’t recommend the ink or this pen for a left handed writer, it still does write very nicely.  The great ink and the compact size make the Kaweco Sport series a very reliable and convenient pen for just about any situation.  Thanks again to the folks at Kaweco for sending this sample over, we will probably be doing a  giveaway for this pen so be sure to keep your eyes open for that.  If you are looking to pick one up before you can potentially win this one, don’t forget that you can always patronize one of our sponsors (as AmazonGoldspot, or JetPens.) to grab your own right away.

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