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Kaweco STUDENT Fountain Pen Review


Sometimes I think Kaweco pens don’t get as much attention as they deserve.  Today we are taking a look at the Kaweco STUDENT fountain pen (via Amazon) with a medium nib and translucent body that for full disclosure is on loan from them for this review.  I was tempted to convert this to an eye dropper pen but since its not mine to mess around with, I resisted the temptation.  Pretty sure it wouldn’t be a problem other than the possibility of leaving some staining on the body though.


The Kaweco STUDENT fountain pen is what I’d consider an average to slightly smaller size pen.  It measures 5 inches when capped, and 6.25 inches with the cap posted.  I’ve always loved demonstrator or translucent fountain pens, and this one with is no exception.  The chrome accents and the clear finish make this sparkle and glow under the lights as you can see in the above photo.  The top of the clip and parts of the body glow under the right light and I think it looks great.  The chrome grip section is also a really nice touch in my opinion.


As is standard with any offering from them, the Kaweco STUDENT has the Kaweco logo button on the top of the cap and is made of metal.  You can also see here that the clip is  all metal and has a round hub that kind of circles the full top of the pen.  That’s one of the neat things about demonstrators and clear fountain pens.  You get to see some details that you wouldn’t normally get to see on other fountain pens.


Here is a better look at the nib, clip, and section of the Kaweco STUDENT in all of its shiny chrome glory.  Even the cap band which is out of focus in this picture has the same chrome finish on it.  For other color versions of the Kaweco STUDENT check out the official Kaweco STUDENT page here.  Although there are various colors, they all have the same chrome finish on the accents.


Here you can see the first picture of the Kaweco STUDENT with the ink cartridge inserted.  As much as I love the look of this pen, I really think that converting it to an eyedropper would look amazing instead of just having a little ink cartridge in there.


The nib on the Kaweco STUDENT is a steel nib with iridium point.  It also has the Kaweco logo printed on in the center.  I guess you can tell from this picture that I also tried to wipe the pen down with a blue cloth before I took the pictures.  There are a few blue fibers to be seen as well as some other dust specks, which is a draw back of any high gloss pen like this.  Surprisingly when I was writing with this, the shiny chrome grip section didn’t even get slippery for some reason.  I was expecting that it would, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t.

Kaweco STUDENT Writing Sample:


My Kaweco STUDENT has a medium nib and came with a Kaweco blue ink cartridge.  As I mentioned before, this is a slightly smaller pen, but it is still very comfortable in the hand.  There was no slippery feel with the highly polished chrome grip either.  This pen felt perfectly balanced while writing with the cap posted, which is my normal preference anyway.  The nib I have leaned slightly towards the wet and easy flowing side which was nice.  The cap posts very securely, and only takes slightly more than one rotation to screw on and off.


For a mid-range (aka $50ish) fountain pen, the nib on the Kaweco STUDENT is really quite smooth to write with.  I did encounter a few more skips or false starts than I would have anticipated though.  I would have tinkered with it to fix this issue if it was my personal pen, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. I’ve had other Kaweco pens that didn’t have this issue so its easy to look past this for now.  I think this is a solid purchase for this price range between the look, feel, and performance, so check out the Kaweco STUDENT fountain pen (via Amazon) and you won’t be disappointed.

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