Keep in Touch Even When on a Business Trip

If you play a crucial role in your organization, have the responsibility to leave information about how you can be reached when you are out of the office. Keep your mobile phone on and leave numbers and a list of places where you may be reached during those times. This may also be critical in cases where a lot of people rely on a lot of decisions or help from you – situations where they cannot decide for themselves nor have the authority to do so.

Technology, nowadays, has overcome this barrier. Gone are the days when the only contact before and after flight was the airport pay phone. You now have your mobile phone and Internet hotspots when you are at the airport, as well as aboard the aircraft (using the on-board aircraft phones). You may need to identify the technology you need to arm yourself with the equipment that will help you be better connected and provide you with tools to make you more productive in areas outside your office.

You may want to get equipment that is reliable. You will be lugging this whenever you go out on business trips. This will be your “office outside your office”; important business presentations and company files may be stored in your laptop. A good reliable mobile phone, too, will be aid you in what you will need to do business effectively during the whole trip.

Try to organize things for your team while you are on the go. Good-sized corporations usually have their own Intranet system, so even while you are away, you can still tap into the local company database for coordination and updates.

Manage your phone systems; you can set your office telephone to forward the call to your mobile phone so that you can still keep in touch as if you were sitting in the confines of your office.

There are also added features that technology systems have made available nowadays. There are systems that allow you to access your desktop computer at the office while you are in a remote station, like your laptop. There may be instances that you need to retrieve data from your office computer that you either forgot to upload or data that has become of interest while you are conducting your meetings outside the office. You can have your IT department personnel configure this for you, just in case you need to pull out the information while on the go.


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