Keeping Cool for the Summer

Everyone feels the heat during the summer months, and everyone has their own ways of dealing with it. Some people may not wish to deal with the high bills that come with using their air conditioning though, so it’s a good idea to check and see what other options may be available. Especially of those options are easy, and they’re currently being overlooked in favor of something more expensive.

The first way to keep cool during the summer heat waves is to avoid the parts of your house that are in direct view of the sun. If it’s early morning, try to stay on the western side, and change throughout the day. Also, blocking the entrance of direct sunlight with blinds is a helpful idea, especially since blinds may be turned to let in air from outside. Additionally, keep windows open and doors within the house open to allow for ventilation. This will keep the air flow constant, and help keep you and your abode cool. Even of someone lives in an apartment, the second suggestion can be a helpful alternative to cranking the air up.

Another way to keep cool in the summer months is to wear looser clothing, preferably made out of a material like cotton that will breathe easily. When your clothes aren’t hugging your form, it allows air to flow more easily, creating a personal ventilation and allowing heat from your skin to move away. Tight clothing doesn’t allow as much cooling, and becomes sweat dampened more quickly, making it even more difficult to keep cool. Also, materials like polyester, leather, or other fabrics don’t allow air to pass through them. This means that air flow will be even more restricted, and that a person will heat up a lot faster than if they were wearing something lighter that breathed well.

Lastly, there are a variety of places a person can go and activities that they can engage in to beat the heat. Swimming, whether at the beach, a community pool, or their own back yard is a good way for people to keep cool during the hot days. Going to the movies is also a good idea, as the theater is air conditioned, and any film lasts long enough for a person to cool down and achieve their inner equilibrium again. Additionally, taking a hot shower or a long bath can clean a person off, and make them feel fresh and rejuvenated. That may sometimes be enough to overcome how hot it is, especially if a hot shower brought up your temperature enough to make the day seem cooler.

There are a variety of ways that a person can keep their cool when the summer’s finally here, but each person has to find what works best for them. Some people can curl up with a book in the bath tub, others retire to the basement to watch movies. Some people run through the sprinklers, and others go to the coast to get a breeze. There is no right or wrong answer, so whichever method works best, go with it and keep your cool.


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