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Key Facts about Apple iPads

Apple’s iPad is arguably the premium tablet to have given rise to widespread public demand for this type of computing device. In many respects, it rivals chunkier laptops and smaller smartphones for ease of use, functionality and impressive overall display. It also affords a wealth of resources while at home or on the move, such as books, diaries, music, games and of course web browsing.

Background and Important Benefits of the iPad and iPad 2

The first iPad was released in April 2010 with stunning results – it sold up to fifteen million units worldwide by the end of 2010, which was approximately 75% of overall PC sales.

What made the first iPad so exciting to consumers is the multi-touch interface, which was reportedly influenced by the fictional Star Trek PADD.

The iPad 2 was unveiled in early 2011 – it is a sleeker, lighter version than its first generation predecessor. In addition, it was developed with an improved processor called the dual core Apple A5, which allows for approximately double the previous speed.

Also, unlike the iPad 1 which had no camera facilities, the iPad2 has a front VGA camera and back 720p camera which has five times the digital zoom for still pictures. Both front and back cameras can take photos and video in a 4.3 full screen ratio and also include settings tailored preferences and auto exposure. Another bonus is the tablet includes integrates Face time messaging with iPhone4, iPod Touch and Snow Leopard/LionMacs

Apple claims that the battery life for the new iPad has been improved to provide approximately ten hours of video, 140 hours of audio and one month of standby capacity.

All in all, iPads include exciting applications such as YouTube, iBooks, iTunes, Video, Photos, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Safari Mail and Contacts. Apple is also known to stringently test the apps they sell, meaning they carry less risk of malware than Google’s Android devices.

Managing Expectations

For those who are new to tablets, the Apple iPad is an experience totally different from your laptop computer. Depending on what you intend to use a computing device for as well as your individual preferences, an iPad might be the right buy for everyone. Here is a summary of their limitations to ensure you know what you are getting:

· Unlike computers and laptops, iPads do not have a physical keyboard, so people who are not well versed with touchscreen might find it slower to operate for longer text requirements.

· Apps need to be downloaded via iTunes, which is a little more laborious than other operating systems.

· They do not have a USB port, so you would need a convertor to get USB connectivity.

· Their GPS receiver is only available with a Wi-Fi+3G iPad.

· When browsing, iPads are not as fast as normal computers, so if you’re looking for a computing device primarily for Internet use, it would be better to get a laptop.

· The screen resolution is 1024x 768, which is not a widescreen aspect ratio and therefore not ideal for watching movies.

· They do not have stereo speakers.

· Only 3G models have a SIM card slot.

· iPads do not support tethering (this allows you to go online using your mobile).

Summary of iPad Advantages

Now that you’re clear on what iPads do not offer, let’s look at just some of the iPad features and functionalities which make this nifty device so appealing:

· All iPad models have built in Wi-Fi, so if you’re near your Internet router at home or at a hotspot, you’ll be online. If you require extra instant Internet access however, iPad models with Wi-Fi + 3G are also available (the 3G service will be immediately activated as soon as you installed the micro-SIM card).

· Certain carriers will offer no-contract data plans for your iPad and the 3G service can be activated immediately you have installed the micro-SIM card.

· iPads are renowned for their stunning display quality. In addition, they have a sizeable 9.7 inch screen size with excellent adjustable light, making them ideal for web browsing, watching video clips and reading via the custom made eBook feature.

· As with all iPhone OS devices, the iPad comes complete with the same music player quality of Apple’s now famous iPods.

Jailbreaking Warning

These days, people are hungry for the latest and greatest apps as they arrive on the marketplace. To this end, jailbreaking is a term used to describe installing applications and programs that have not been authorised by Apple to remove restrictions in the default software of your iPad. This allows you to download apps through unofficial installers and even pirate applications.

While Apple is notorious for being extremely strict with proprietary copyright infringements, this nevertheless helps to ensure malware does not make its way into their hardware and software products, so jailbreaking is not highly recommended. Also, despite the fact that jailbreaking is legal in many countries, this activity could nullify your warranty.


The iPad’s popularity seems to go from strength to strength – for many it is a must-have device for their Christmas stocking this year. To find out more about how these exciting tablets perform, it’s a good idea to read iPad reviews online by people who already own one.

About the Author: Michael Dehomme is an electronics repair shop owner and iPad fan.


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