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Keyboard Note Tabs Visited, Emailed, Called


Keyboard Note Tabs with Messages

Another item I picked up during my visit to the Muji store in Manhattan are the items you see in the pictures here.  I cant find them on their website, and nothing on the package was in English, so I’ve decided to call them Keyboard Note Tabs.  If you have a better name feel free, or even better if you can find them somewhere online and they have an actual name, let us know.

UPDATE –  The Muji Site has them now and they are listed as Keyboard Memo Pads.


Keyboard Note Tabs – Visited, Emailed, Called

I really love the concept of these little notes, and as you can see from the first picture in the email, it is pretty easy to imagine how you would use these little message pads that can be stuck in your keyboard.  One important thing to note about these pads is that they are NOT sticky pads, there is no adhesive anywhere, and instead they hold their position between the keys on your keyboard by folding the bottom in half which creates a small bit of tension that holds them up straight.


Keyboard Note Tab Perforations

This next picture is not the best quality, but it was hard to really get a good picture to show the perforations that run horizontally across the large rectangular area of the note.  The perforations basically cut across that section, making it easy to fold in half to stick between the keys on your keyboard.  I really don’t have much to say about these because they just flat out work, they are super intuitive, and they just look cool too.  I wish I had bought a bunch more because I can see myself using these all the time… apologies to my co-workers though, because I can see where it might get annoying to constantly see me sticking these notes into your keyboard.

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