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Oxford Keynotes Repositionable Inserts

A few weeks ago I did a review of an Oxford Meetingbook, that the nice folks from Oxford sent over to me, and if you remember I said that they sent me a bunch of cool products.  This Keynotes product of theirs is by far my favorite that they sent over.


Oxford Keynotes Repositionable Inserts Instructions

Much like the Levenger Circa product line, these Keynotes products from Oxford offer you the ability to swap out your notebook pages into any other double coil notebook with the same size, or larger pages.  The pages are particularly thick at 120 gsm, so its almost like writing on index cards which is pretty awesome, and VERY fountain pen friendly.  This particular set of Keynotes Repositionable Notebook Inserts is the A4+ size, and has a similar layout to the Meetingbook that I mentioned before.


Oxford Keynotes Repositionable Inserts with One Removed

Here you can see one of the pages removed to show the open ended holes, and the reinforced edges.  The left edge of each page that locks into the coil binding has a thin laminate coating on it that keeps it stiff and durable enough to move it around from section to section or from notebook to notebook.  The blue Oxford branding is on the front of each page margin, but is not found on the back.  Moving the pages was very quick and easy, and due to the heavy paper stock, and extra coating near the margins, I never felt as if I was damaging the paper when moving it.


Keynotes Writing Sample

Keynotes Repositionable Notebook Inserts Summary.

Like I said before, this is some serious paper, it is 120 gsm, and handles fountain pen ink VERY well, and using this paper is almost like having a notebook full of index cards which is pretty awesome.  The version I have here is a narrow ruled page, that has tick marks that run across the very top and bottom that allow you to use a ruler to create your own grid lines wherever on the paper you wish, which is a pretty cool feature.

Unfortunately Keynotes Repositionable Notebook Inserts are not available in the US, but since Oxford makes Red n Black notebooks, maybe that is a sign that these COULD become available here eventually.  For those of you in other countries where these ARE available, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.  I’m a big fan.

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