Kitchen Window Treatments

When decorating a kitchen, there are a lot of things to consider, especially when it comes to windows. Whether a sunny kitchen needs light control or a window just needs dressing up, there are so many options for window treatments.


The most common type of curtain is probably the panel curtain. Made in a variety of fabrics, two panel curtains are usually used on each window, and tiebacks are used to let natural light in. Panel curtains can easily be used in addition to other treatments, such as a valance curtain.

Valance curtains are one of the easiest and most inexpensive additions to a window. Hung at the top of the window, valance curtains are usually about a foot long. On smaller kitchen windows, some people prefer to hang a valance on the bottom half of the window, providing some privacy and still allowing natural light to enter the room.

Swag curtains give an elegant touch to any window. True swag curtains are hemmed so the center is much shorter than the sides, which typically run the length of the window. A more popular and easier version is fishtail swag curtains, which are simply fabric draped over either end of the curtain rod. To give the room more privacy, decorators pair fishtail swag curtains with sheer panels.


There is more variety in blinds than most people think. Blinds, although typically made of cheap plastic or metal, can also be found in natural materials such as bamboo, jute, or woven fibers. Natural blinds can bring an earthy richness to the room, and provides privacy and block out excess light when needed.


Roman shades are great for privacy and blocking out excess light. There are several different styles of Roman shades, including flat Roman shades and hobbled Roman shades. Hobbled Roman shades have large horizontal pleats to give the window visual interest.

Balloon shades, also known as London shades, can look quite elegant, often resembling the luxurious curtains of an old theater. These curtains feature scalloped edges at the bottom. To achieve this look, some balloon shades have ties to adjust the curtain’s length by hand, while others have the scallops sewn in place.

Fabric roller shades are easy to open and close, and some are even machine-washable. There are also wooden roller shades available. For that extra personal touch, pick out material that matches your décor and buy a do-it-yourself roller shade kit.

Using Multiple Treatments

When choosing window treatments, do not be afraid to layer, especially when using sheers! Pair a valance with a Roman shade, or a swag curtain with sheer panels. Natural blinds look great with a wooden valance.

Before you make your window treatment purchase, make sure the window treatments you want reflect your décor and serve their intended purpose.


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