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Know about Product Liability Laws before Filing a Case

Consumers believe that the products they purchased are safe. However, consumers are often injured by defective products and devices. Sometimes there is fault in design of the product or there are some manufacturing defects that can pose threats to consumers. An injured consumer is entitled to receive compensation.

The law relating to defective products and injuries

Broward County product liability law requires the manufacturer, designer or supplier to pay for the injuries that the consumer has to suffer due to defects in products that they have marketed. The purpose behind such law is to make sure that the cost of injuries is borne by the party who is responsible for such injuries.

To start a case for injuries suffered due to defective products

There are three ways to start a case on product liability. The case can be filed for negligence, strict liability or breach of warranty.

Negligence on the part of manufacturer

A manufacturer is expected to exercise reasonable care at the time of designing, testing, manufacturing and inspecting a product. It is also the responsibility of the manufacturer and seller to warn the consumers about the dangerous condition of the product. If the manufacturers or sellers are negligent to perform their duty properly and a consumer is injured, charges can be brought against the manufacturers and sellers for such neglect.

Strict liability

The consumer suffering because of a defective product does not have to proof the faults of designer, manufacturers or sellers. The injured party only has to show that the

·         product was defective

·         defect existed from the beginning

defect caused injuries to the consumer

Breach of warranty

In sales contracts there are many implied and expressed warranties. If these warranties are breached and for that consumer has to suffer damages, injured party is entitled to recover these damages.

The cases relating to defective products are difficult. Manufacturer will engage best lawyers to hide their faults and find out the flaws of consumers. Thus, it is essential to appoint an aggressive Broward County attorney who will help to recover damages.

It is essential to retain the product along with its packaging and labels. Otherwise it will be difficult to establish in court this type of case. This case can also be started if the manufacturer has not properly warned about the possible danger of a product and one has to suffer injuries for that. However, skilled lawyer can suggest whether it will be worthy to file a liability case after studying all the details.

About the Author-

Rob Baptist is a personal injury lawyer. HE solved many cases of product liability. In his blogs, Rob has mentioned it is essential to understand the laws before claiming for damage suffered due to a defective product. Skilled Broward County Lawyer can help one to understand the law and file the case.


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