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KnowHow: Write Press Release

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/13/2010
  • Writing

Press releases are cost-cutting, or even free, marketing tools for any business or company without actually having to try hard to promote or advertise the company and its products. A press release is an informative, news-type article. It is actually news itself. Typically, press releases are stories about your company. However, of course, not all stories about your company can be made into a press release. There are particular stories which a press release requires. A press release does not involve any sales talk. It is pure news and information. This is primary requirement of press releases. Another strict requirement is the format. For a press release online site or distribution firm to accept your submission, you must be able to comply with these requirements, or else, your press release is put to trash. To avoid this from happening, here are some tips and guidelines which can teach you how write press release.

1. Choose a timely and relevant news-worthy story about your company. As stated above, not all stories can be made into a press release. This is because people need relevant information. They particularly want to know what your company can contribute today and in the future to the community. This reason has given popularity to press releases about companies sponsoring community programs and charity events. Conversely, there are still several stories which are news-worthy such as successful company researches which can address to today’s problems and partnership with another company tha

t can be beneficial to the community in the future. 2. Start your press release with a strong headline. Be able to come up with a headline that can create an immediate impact to your reader. It is important to catch the attention of your reader in the first few words of your press release, and those few words are located in your headline. It must clearly define the content of your press release, and still be able to want them to read the rest of your press release article. 3. In creating the body of your press release, always be honest. Remember that it is in your company name that you are writing. Exaggeration and flowery words are not fit for a press release. In fact, the rule of keeping your press release short and simple applies. Try to give the complete details of the story in a few words as possible. As for the technical side, use the active voice. This makes your press release come to life rather than the passive voice. Always check your grammar and proofread for mistakes. Additionally, do not use exclamation points. Press releases are serious articles. Putting these exclamation points somehow decreases the quality and credibility of a press release. 4. Follow the right format for a press release. There is a particular format for a press release, and it must be strictly followed by press release writers. There is always a space for your website link, so do not put your link in the body.

After knowing how, write press release for your company today. On the other hand, you can opt for the service of experienced press release writers. They definitely know how write press release effectively.



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