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Know more about Android Tablet

Android was originally an operating system developed by Google, for Smartphone devices. Prior to its launch in 2008, the Smartphone market was dominated by Apple and its iPhone. But android changed the entire market scenario and it became a highly popular choice for many great brands like HTC, Motorola and Samsung etc.  Due to its success, Google decided to further develop this Linux based OS. In 2011, Android 3.0 also known as Honeycomb was released.  This version was intended for Tablet computers. Soon the world saw the rise of the Android Tablet.

A tablet PC fills the gap between a desktop computer and a Smartphone. Tablets are also portable and they are more powerful than Smartphone.  With a tablet computer, you can easily watch videos, listen to music, do internet surfing, read e-mails and e books, play cool games and launch thousands of apps. More and more electronic companies are entering the tablet PC market and most of them are using Android as the operating system for their device. As of now, eighty six software, telecommunication and hardware companies are contributing to the development and promotion for Android. 

Since many brands use android for their many models, it is quite difficult to clearly list the features of an android tablet. However, generally most tablets contain the following-

A processor which is underclocked to reduce heat output, memory and storage chip and slot for adding an extra storage device, battery, graphics and sound processor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi antenna, FM radio, minimum one camera etc.

If you have made up your mind to buy tablet PC, you need to address some areas like the budget, hardware specifications, OS version, size and weight etc. Since there are literally dozens of Android Tablet makers, prices vary tremendously.  The less expensive ones are generally built from cheap materials and are run by older version of android. If you want use the latest apps, you will have to go with tablets that have the latest version of android OS.  A detailed review of the product is very important. If you want to make video calls, your tablet should have a front facing camera. If you have lots of data to store, you will need a tablet with expandable storage.

If you are to travel a lot with your tablet PC, pick the most light weight model. You can go for a tablet that will fit in a small bag, or for better viewing experience, go for a model with big screen. Make sure you read product reviews before you buy tablet PC. Reviews point out both the flaws and the good aspects of the hardware design or implementation. They might also help you to use the tablet in a better way. Always get your reviews from multiple sources no matter what product you have decided to buy.

The best thing about Android Tablet is that there are so many options available on the market that one of them will fulfill your needs just fine. All you have to do is know as much as possible about your tablet PC.

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