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Kokuyo Inkgae Refillable Dry Erase Marker


The Kokuyo Inkga-e Refillable Whiteboard Marker

Dry erase markers are a fairly standard office item to have around, but when it comes to refillable dry erase markers, there are not a ton of options.  Today we will take a look at the Kokuyo Inkga-e Refillable Whiteboard Marker that I recently picked up from JetPens.


Kokuyo Inkga-e Refillable Whiteboard Marker Uncapped

In addition to just being a refillable dry erase marker, the Inkga-e also has a very comfortable ergonomic shape to it that makes writing with it a pleasure.  The photo above shows the dry erase marker with the cap posted on the back, which is the best way to write with this marker.    Because of its compact size, writing with the cap not posted makes it a little harder and more tedious to write with.  In the photo above you will also notice that there is a subtle protrusion that extends from the top of the body (above the letters “inkg”) to prevent the marker from rolling when you place it down on a flat surface.


Kokuyo Inkga-e Refillable Whiteboard Marker Refill Exposed

A quick peek under the hood here shows the back side of the marker removed to expose the refillable ink.  All it takes is a simple twist and you have easy access to the old cartridge when you need to replace it.


Kokuyo Inkga-e Refillable Whiteboard Marker Refills

JetPens also carries a package of 2 refills for this refillable dry erase marker for the reasonable price of $2.25, which is what it would cost to buy just one new complete marker.  Each of the refills in the package come in a small plastic tube, presumably to keep them from drying out before you get a chance to use them.


Kokuyo Inkga-e Refillable Whiteboard Marker Refill Canister Opened

Above is a closer look at the small canister that the refills for this dry erase marker come in.  The black top just slips off, but it is a tight fit that gives the impression of being sealed tightly enough to keep these from drying out.  I’m not sure if the plastic canisters do much to reduce the impact on the environment, but I guess they are at least smaller than the body of the marker itself, so it’s slightly better than buying an entire new one each time.


Kokuyo Inkga-e Refillable Whiteboard Marker Writing Sample

Above is a writing sample of the Kokuyo Inkga-e Refillable Whiteboard Marker as done on the Bambo Entry Butler Dry Erase Board.  The marker is a medium bullet point and writes very nicely, as I said before though, for most people you will probably want to make sure that you write with the cap posted which allows the back of the pen to rest comfortably in the space between your thumb and index finger.  the thicker body of the pen fits comfortable in the meat of your hand to give a feeling of further stability when  you are writing with it.

I cant speak to the longevity that you might get with this, but the ink refill itself does seem to be of a substantial enough size compared to the size of the markers body.  One other thing that I know people are concerned about with dry erase markers is the strength of the smell because sometimes they can be overwhelming.  I would put this in the mid range of scent strength for dry erase markers, it wont knock you out, but its certainly not odorless.  This refillable dry erase marker is not only a viable option when it comes to green office supplies, but it also makes for a very comfortable writing experience.

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