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Kokuyo Tidbit Free Cut Memo Pad Review


Kokuyo Tidbit Free Cut Memo Pad

So when I saw this Kokuyo Tidbit Free Cut Memo Pad at Jetpens I knew I had to get my hands on it because it was so different from any other note pad I’ve ever seen.  If you can’t tell right away from looking at it why it is different, continue reading below, and also once you see exactly what this is, I’d love to hear how you would use it in the comments below.


Kokuyo Tidbit Free Cut Memo Pad with Perforated Rulings

What makes the Kokuyo Tidbit so unique has to do with the picture above.  Now sure, you might think that I’ve just neatly folded the sheet of paper into evenly spaced sections, but that is where you would be wrong.  The folds that you see there are actually running along perforated lines in the sheet of paper that run horizontally across each page.  Every one of the 80 sheets of 70mm x 110mm has perforated rulings spaced at 6mm.


Kokuyo Tidbit Free Cut Memo Pad Perforated and Separated

Above is one partially separated sheet to give you an idea of how each sheet looks outside of the note pad.  Writing on the paper proved to be a fairly good experience, while there was almost zero feathering with fountain pens, liquid ink pens, and gel ink pens, there was a decent amount of show through to the other side.


A Pocket for the Extras

A nice extra feature here is that the inside cover actually has a little pocket built in that can hold any of the small strips that you may have removed from the notebook.  The small slips were easy to slide in there and they never felt like they were going to slide out and make a mess.  As you can see, this Kokuyo Tidbit Free Cut Memo Pad is a pretty unique item (there is also a graph paper version) and to be honest I was at a loss as to what purposes it might serve, but I came up with the following three:

  1. Create a “to do” list that instead of checking off items, you simply rip them off the list as you complete them.  Just keep in mind that you would have to put your top priority item on the bottom so you could rip them off from bottom to top as you go.
  2. Administer those “pick a name from a hat” contests…or what really turn out to be punishments sometimes when your name is picked.  The consistent shape and size of the slips of paper would make it harder to cheat.
  3. Replacements for the inserts that go in plastic folder tabs to write the subject on.

I’d really love to hear some of your ideas on how you would use this, or the graph paper version, so leave a comment below and share your most creative ideas.  Also, thanks to Brad and Jetpens for sending this over!

©2016, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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