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Koreanstyle is the popular and fashion trend in winter

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/21/2012

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Korean-style dresses is one of popular thing for many girls, many girls all want to wear clothing with a sense of Korean-style in winter. Then our wholesale clothing online shop will bring many pictures about Korean dressing, and you can find the fashion and popular Korean-style clothes in there.

The plate loose cotton jacket Korean winter coat, classic, familiar with Korean friends, we must remember to play the female lead were wearing large cotton jacket, sweater look cute style match it! Blue cotton coat, random match like this sweater, Slim trousers, very simple and fashionable.

Highlight mature temperament woolen coat, floral dress coupled with summer flavor, really feel sweet ! Korean style is still the flagship, early winter coat dresses temperament dress, to bring you a new feeling.

Coat with skirt highlight the little girl mature feminine side, wild style black woolen coat jacket, which take a pink skirt, you increase the sweet index. Polka Dot black stockings match instantly upgrade the overall shape sexy

Winter wear woolen clothes, with jeans, with short skirts or shorts can also try, it would appear that the lower part of the body looks more slender, significantly thinner, the overall effect is more perfect!

Winter elegant wedding dress preferred – white woolen coat, beautiful breasted, really beautifully detailed. White with white socks, Cougar style with a somewhat small taste of fresh, cold winter inject a fresh breath.

Urban OL who good outfit Dress up this winter  Short white woolen coat, coupled with the gray linen color highlights the mature and restrained temperament dress, giving a sight of the aesthetic.

Sheds subsection coats, very Jiaoqiao pleasant, very suitable loli girls. Shawl fur collar design, highlighting the Chinese aesthetic. Coat with money leggings was thin and stylish.

Woolen coat jacket with chiffon stitching, soft feelings in the winter season, wrapped in the beautiful white silk, more beautiful.

If you want to get rid of the bloated image of winter clothing, you can choose a lot of Korean fashion loose woolen coat. It is not only warm but thin to wear off. Girls wear mature wind woolen coat is elegance and beautifully in our wholesale china clothing shop!

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