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Kyinflose Pen Review


The Kyinflose Pen (buy via Amazon) was one of those items that was recommended to me by Amazon because of my past shopping habits.  Gotta love the little thank you card that came with the box of pens though, sometimes things get lost in translation.

The body of the Kyinflose Pen  is a nice flat black plastic that has a very smooth feel to it.  There is however a very slight seam that runs down the body of the pen.  They come in a pretty sturdy cardboard box with a magnetic flap on the long side that flips open.


This close up of the Kyinflose Pen shows the grip and the major components.  The grip is cylindrical, but it has three flat sides with horizontal grooves on it.  It definitely makes for a comfortable and secure grip when writing with this pen.  The rest of the pen is also plastic, but the plastic for the nose cone is more of a glossy finish unlike the flat finish on the body.

Kyinflose Pen Writing Sample


The Kyinflose Pen writing sample above shows the nice bold dark lines that this pen puts out.  I found the experience to be very smooth and the grip made for comfortable writing even in longer writing sessions.  Drying times were not what I had anticipated with the Kyinflose Pen, but this may not be an issue for some folks.  The manufacturer also point out that the tips of the pens are manufactured in Switzerland if that makes anyone more inclined to check these out.  I found the balance of the pen to be pretty nice, but it is a very light pen too, which isn’t my thing.


I think my favorite thing about these pens though is the “Super Smooht” writing experience the box claims.  In theory its pretty true, assuming smooth and “smooht” are the same thing, but I shouldn’t point fingers as I’m sure this blog is full of typos and errors.  Overall I think these pens look nice and perform fairly well, but nothing about them really jumps out at me, but feel free to check ’em out for yourself.  The Kyinflose Pen can be found here on Amazon.

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