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Lab Made Diamond Jewelry

  • By ManMade Diamond
  • Published 10/26/2012
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Pretty catchy statement isn’t it? So the first thing that comes to mind is “are we talking about the crafting of the pendant or the necklace or chain or ring, or is it actually the diamond that is a fake diamond or a synthetic diamond, or a cultured diamond that we are talking about?Well if you guessed a lab cultured diamond, then you are right on track. The technique of simulated diamonds production crafted to be used in so called man made diamond jewelry or Russian diamonds as they are popularly versed in some parts of the world dates back to the 40s when a handful of countries including Sweden, Soviet Union and USA started synthetic diamonds production. The result is what we see today in the shape of synthetic diamond engagement rings, simulated diamonds, faux diamonds and lab-created diamonds, all that we keep hearing about.The fact is that nowadays diamond mining is becoming a much tabooed activity where the host country and mining firm are looked down upon for disturbing natural habitat and destroying the green peace ecosystems. So increasingly it is becoming more and more expensive to search for and import/export real diamond ore, process it through refining and cutting and then ultimately designing a custom built ring for it. No wonder it gets more expensive by the passing year.

To add insult to injury, the alternative technique of manufacturing lab cultured diamonds is not only cheap but equally crystal bright while retaining some of the qualities of shine and hardness that a diamond is so known for. A diamond simulant can not only help reduce the cost of the artificial diamond jewelry but it also does not evoke criticism on the method of production and is lauded for its sheer face value. The popularity of these man made diam

onds has resulted in opening of full-fledged man made diamond stores offering man made diamond wedding bands, lab made diamond pendants, and lab diamond alternative engagement rings using faux diamonds.So if you were wondering of buying that special gift for the special girl and were thinking of secretly presenting to her knees down with the most important question in the world, try to present her an affordable engagement ring having faux diamond and see whether she is able to tell or not. Worse case scenario, she does not want to remain in that relationship after some time and neither wants to part with her so-called diamond; No problem! Because you know deep down, that it was actually a lab-created diamondSynthetic diamond engagement rings having manufactured diamonds are being sold everywhere on the internet under the tags of lab made diamond jewelry, man made diamond jewelry using simulated diamonds or lab-grown diamonds or cultured diamonds. Its all the same actually as these are many names of the same gems prepared the HPHT or CVD techniques.With gold prices surging everywhere in the world and people once again turning towards diamonds, faux diamond jewelry is the next best choice available in the market today.

lab diamond engagement rings ManMadeLabDiamonds team acquired samples of every known lab created diamond simulant on the market, then consulted with gemologists and materials analysis labs. What we found was eye opening. Most had obvious shortcomings, some were impressive, but not to our standards. Knowing our clients’s demands for high quality, we knew we had to do better. man made diamond ring


ManMadeLabDiamonds team acquired samples of every known lab created diamond simulant on the market, then consulted with gemologists and materials analysis labs

by ManMade Diamond



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