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Lamy Studio Stainless Steel Body Extra Fine Fountain Pen


Lamy Studio Stainless Steel

When I buy a “nice” pen, I usually like to try something new, but in the case of the Lamy Studio, I liked the first one that I bought so much, that I decided I wanted a second one.  The only thing I didn’t love about my old Lamy Studio was the fact that the grip section was a shiny chrome finish, which was sometimes a little slippery to hold onto, but this Stainless Steel Lamy Studio has a black plastic coated section that I’ve been eying for a while because I assumed it would provide a much more firm grip.


Lamy Studio Uncapped

Before I get too in-depth about this pen, I want to quickly thank the good folks over at Goldspot for offering me this fountain pen at a slightly discounted price.  Even before I ever had this blog, I was always a big fan of their great customer service, so I am always happy to suggest to my readers that Goldspot should be your first stop when shopping for a new pen.  So with that said, the picture above shows the body of the pen, as well as the black plastic grip section that I personally think really makes this pen.  To me, having a smooth, shiny metal section on a pen such as my Blue Lamy Studio Fountain Pen just doesn’t make sense because of how slippery it can get.  In addition to just being annoying, a slippery grip can cause you to have to squeeze harder when writing which can lead to writing fatigue.


Lamy Studio Cap

One thing about the Lamy Studio that many people are intrigued by is the clip.  Personally, I never understood that until I actually had the pen in my hands and realized not only how cool it looked, but also how nice it was to just fiddle with as well.  The other thing I like about the cap of the Lamy Studio besides the clip, is how the Lamy name is emblazoned on there in a very subtle way.  I’ve seen lots of pens that go overboard with their branding, but I think keeping things subtle like this actually make a bigger statement.  Another convenience of this pen to me is that the cap snaps on and off when you recap it or when you post the cap on the back of the pen.  I know it might make me sound lazy, but I personally just hate having to spend time twisting a cap on and off a pen, the action of removing and snapping it back on is not only easier, but it also provides so much more confirmation rather than wondering if you have to twist a little more to completely finish the act.


Lamy Studio Stainless Steel Writing Sample

The aesthetics of a pen are one thing, but the important thing is the writing experience itself, and in that category, the Lamy Studio does an excellent job.  For a fountain pen of this price, I think you really get your moneys worth.  My ideal fountian pen with an EF nib would lay down a line that was a bit narrower, however the smoothness of the writing experience with the Lamy Studio is fantastic.  I actually find myself picking up this pen sometimes and thinking to myself “hmmm…what can I write” just because I want to have an excuse to write with it and experience the super smooth way it glides across my paper.  I’ve been using this pen for a few weeks now as my daily writer for my notes and in my daily calendar and it really is just an incredibly enjoyable experience every time I get the chance to pick it up and write something with it.  If you are looking for a fountain pen in the $50-$75 price range, I really am not sure if you can do any better than the Lamy Studio in Stainless Steel.  There are also plenty of other colors, but like I said earlier, this black plastic grip section is the icing on the cake to me, so check out the entire Lamy Studio line at Goldspot if you are in the market because I’m sure you will love this pen.

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