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Lamy Tipo Roller Ball Pen in Orange with Black Ink


Lamy Tipo Roller Ball Pen Box Open

The Lamy Tipo Roller Ball Pen is another item that was sent over compliments of Jetpens for this review…again, it comes in colors other than orange, but like many things I gravitate towards orange because it is one of my favorite colors.


Lamy Tipo Roller Ball Pen Box

The first thing I noticed about this pen was pretty obvious from the get go, and it was the unique box that it comes in.  The box is plastic and snaps shut, but it has a unique somewhat triangular shape that opens in a way that kind of presents the pen on a silver platter…not literally silver, or a platter for that matter, but you can see what I mean in the first photo above.


Lamy Tipo Roller Ball Pen

The Lamy Tipo Roller Ball Pen has a plastic grip section with an anodized aluminum body (ie. the orange part) and a plastic clip.  The unique part about the clip is that it is the type that instantly retracts when it is clipped onto something.  For example, when if you put it in a shirt pocket with the tip exposed, as soon as the clip has distance put between it and the body of the pen, it forces the tip to retract back into the body of the pen.


Lamy Tipo Roller Ball Pen Broken Down

The Lamy Tipo Roller Ball comes with the Lamy M66 refill which visually looks bigger than any ink refill than I’ve seen in a while so I have to guess that it will last for a while even though it is a pretty wet writer.  I tried replacing the cartridge with a standard G2 refill and was surprised to see that it actually fit in there.  Now I’d never suggest refilling this pen with a G2 refill since I think the writing experience would be vastly inferior to what you get with the M66 cartridge that comes with the pen.  One should note that the Lamy M66 refill will not however fit in the G2 body since it is a bit too thick.


Lamy Tipo Roller Ball Pen

Writing with the Lamy Tipo Roller Ball pen is probably one of the best roller ball pen experiences you will find.  The ink flows VERY smoothly and I didn’t find one skip, streak, or splotch from this pen which compared to others in its class like the Pilot G2 is quite impressive.  This might not be the best pen for left handed writers, but other than that I don’t see any issues here and would definitely suggest that if you like the Pilot G2, you consider an upgrade to the Lamy Tipo Roller Ball Pen.  It may be a bit more expensive, but it certainly provides a writing experience that proves that you do get what you pay for.

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