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Landmade Cork Journals With Cork Paper and Covers


Landmade Cork Journal Cover

One of the items that I saw at the 2013 National Stationery Show was the above Landmade Cork Journal, which not only has a cork cover, but the paper is also made from cork, which is a easily renewable resource because it grows so quickly.  This version of the cork journal is unlined, but there are also lined versions available as well as some other cork covered office supply accessories.


Landmade Cork Journal Back Cover

Above is the back cover of the Landmade cork journal, which if you look closely at you can see that there are intentionally some spaces left because of the nature of the material, and underneath it there is gold paper.  In some cases this paper can also be black or orange, but if you order them online you do not have a choice in what color it will be.  The only branding or marking on the cover (actually the back cover) is at the very bottom where it says “Michael Roger” in black.


Landmade Cork Journal Open

As I mentioned before, even the paper in the cork journal is made from cork.  The pages are sewn into the binding and lay relatively flat.  As with most journals of this type, it also comes with a satin ribbon page marker and has an elastic closure.  Just a side note too that there is no back pocket in the journal like some others have.


The Landmade Cork Journal Writing Sample

Writing in the Landmade Cork Journal went surprisingly well since I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I used my Sailor Professional Gear Imperial fountain pen, and Sailor Blue Black ink to test out the paper in the journal.  The paper held up really well to the ink coming from the fine point nib on this fountain pen, and there was no feathering or bleeding on the page.  The show through to the other side we pretty minimal, it didn’t show up in a scan, but it was slightly visible to the naked eye.  Probably not enough to stop you from writing on the other side of the page unless you are super picky about it, or you might get different results is you are using a more wet ink, free flowing fountain pen, or fountain pen with a wider nib.

The Landmade Cork Journal will definitely set you apart in the office due to its somewhat rugged (I mean its essentially tree bark on your notebook cover) good looks and environmentally friendly message.  Its certainly worth a shot if you are looking for a unique and environmentally friendly notebook that holds up to fountain pens.

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