Landscaping Ideas For Above Ground Pools


Authored by Nickie Fleming in Landscaping 
Published on 06-15-2009

You have an above ground pool, and now you are looking for ideas of what to put around it. You just don’t know where to begin. Here are some suggestions you might take into account:

First of all, I suggest that you assess the situation. Right now the above ground pool looks more like a giant white soup bowl that protrudes out of the earth. This seems awkward and boring – but this is for a reason. The pool is obviously much higher than its surroundings, which may not seem all that attractive either! The basic rules of landscaping design are unity and harmony. You will have to use these rules to your advantage to create a natural and pleasing environment for your pool.

Look at the garden around the pool area. Is it open, confined? Are there many shrubs, trees and plants, or not enough? The beauty of your above ground pool and backyard (garden) can be accented with plants. Here the climate will play a role, of course. Impatiens and English Ivy are great potted plants than can be placed around your pool tub but can be brought in during the winter. This way, you won’t have to replant each year. This is especially convenient if you have placed granite around your pool. Dwarf Rose bushes, small evergreens and begonias are other plants that are hardy and beautiful. Their root systems are relatively small so that you can plant them next to the above ground pool without worry that the roots will damage the liner of the pool. To make sure what plants will be okay, you can always check with your local landscaper for more ideas.

As mentioned above, it is good to use granite around your pool. You can find this at a local granite pit or a landscaping company. For a 15’ round, above ground, pool you need about four cubic yards of 5/8 granite chips to surround it. The granite comes in different colors, so that is an advantage as well. By using granite surroundings, you tie in the pool to the surrounding landscape.

If you want some privacy around the pool, you can try ‘container gardening’. You can plant trees and shrubs in big pots and these can be gotten at a low cost. But it is advisable to buy the plants wisely. Don’t go to tree nurseries, as the prices there might be two thirds higher than in your local grocery store. This is because stores and supermarkets usually buy big quantities from the nursery, hence the lower price.

Put your plants in plastic pots, because these will last longer than terracotta or thick clay. The latter materials could crack and are heavy too. When you start planting, pack the soil well. Any air pockets will mean a certain death to parts of the trees or shrubs that you don’t see.

And you can consider making a raised garden for perennials. Many of those perennials get up to 6 feet tall. Also grass can be used carefully and tastefully to make the area around the pool look tactful and stylish.

Lastly, if you have enough finances, you can build a deck to connect your house to the pool. It reduces space and gives the pool a sense of togetherness and belonging.


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