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Laptop Cooling Solution Cool Feet by Bluelounge


Cool Feet Laptop Cooling Solution or Replacement Feet by Bluelounge

A few weeks ago, the last of the small rubber feet on the bottom of my laptop finally fell off, leaving me with a computer that just slid across any smooth hard surface I was trying to work on.  While looking online for some small replacement feet,  I came across these Cool Feet by Bluelounge that looked like a better solution than just replacing the original feet.  In addition to restoring the grip and traction that  was now gone, these also allow for better laptop cooling by increasing the air flow underneath.


Cool Feet Laptop Cooling Solution or Replacement Feet by Bluelounge Options

The side of the box shows the three options you have for installing these on your laptop, or even your tablet or other similar devices is you wish.  The package comes with 4 rubber stumps in two different sizes.  There are two short ones and two tall ones.  By using all four (2 tall in the back and 2 short in the front) you create the maximum air flow for laptop cooling and provide a solid grip for working on a desk or table.  The other two configurations would be to either pair the short or the long ones in the back, depending on the height that you are comfortable typing at.


Inside the Box – 2 Tall and 2 Short Cool Feet, Along with Adhesive Discs and Storage Bag

The way that the Cool Feet work is that they come with 4 (2 large and 2 small) discs that are smooth on one side, and have adhesive on the other side.  You simply affix the appropriate size disc on the underside of your laptop or tablet where you want them to reside, and the top of the feet use suction to stick to the smooth side of the discs that you just stuck on.  For me, I was unable to find a spot on the bottom of my laptop that prevented me from covering a screw, battery pack, fan, or other moving part so I had to do the best I could, using only the small adhesive discs and short feet.  This was a bit of an annoyance and could probably become an inconvenience however for the overall cost of this solution, it would not be terribly prohibitive to scrap the whole thing and buy another set should I need to permanently remove them to get at something that I’ve covered.  Obviously I would recommend that you do not cover the fan though when installing these, that would negate the laptop cooling effect of this product.


Installing the Cool Feet

In this photo, you can see what I mean when I said I had to cover certain parts of the laptop with the adhesive discs.  On the left in the above photo, you see the adhesive disc alone, which covers a bit of my battery, and on the right you can see one of the short suction cup stumps affixed to the other adhesive disc.  Installation (if you can even call it that because it was so simple) took only a minute.  I made sure to clean the bottom of the laptop before affixing the adhesive discs, and I contemplated long and hard (30 seconds) before identifying the best location to stick the discs on.


With the Short Cool Feet Installed, my Laptop is Better than New

With the two short suction cups installed, I was able to go back to putting my laptop on my desk and my table without the huge annoyance of having it slide about as I worked.  So far, removing and replacing thm when needed has not been an issue, they come off easily, but not so easily that you can’t move the laptop around without fear of them falling off.  They also stick right back on the smooth discs with no problems.  From a cooling perspective, I feel like they are working a little bit, not a huge difference, but I am sure that with the taller feet installed it would probably help even more.  Unfortunately the taller feet were unusable for me because I would have had to block way part f the fan in order to use them, and I was not willing to do that.

For me, these Bluelounge Cool Feet are a pretty good solution as replacement feet for my computer, and it is nice to get the added bonus of the laptop cooling.  It is a bit annoying that I was not able to use the larger feet, or even all 4 feet at once, but they are definitely still good for what I needed.  Just be careful if you do pick these up and pay attention to what you might be covering up on the bottom of your laptop.

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