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Laser Guided Scissors No, Seriously. Scissors with a Laser


Laser Guided Scissors in the Switched on Position

These Laser Guided Scissors from ThinkGeek sounded like the perfect fit for a review about cool office supplies. Lucky for you, I ordered a pair to review and share with you here.  Lets just say that maybe this was a mistake and I should have thought through it more.  Here is a quick summary of the good and bad with these laser guided scissors.


Laser Guided Scissors – An Interesting Idea in Theory

What’s not to like with these laser guided scissors?

-If you can’t cut in a straight line because your hands are not steady, these will not help you one bit.

-Even with steady hands I did not find these to be any help in cutting a straight line.  The option of using a pencil and ruler to draw a light line on my paper and erase it later worked better.  It worked better because the pencil line doesn’t move  unlike the red laser line from the scissors.

-Looking at the laser line for any period of time actually hurt my eyes a little.  I wasn’t looking into the laser but even looking at it’s reflection on the paper a few inches away hurt my eyes.

-The power button on the side of the scissors doesn’t always work.  There were several instances where the laser became stuck in the on position.  I had to keep playing with the button to try and get the laser to turn off again.  Eventually it turned off, but this is obviously not good on a brand new item.

What’s good about these laser guided scissors?


-Maybe if you run with these you can put your eye out with the laser before you put it out with the steel blade?

-In all honesty, thats it.  There really isn’t anything useful about these.

Normally when we review things here there is a sense of excitement about finding cool office supplies to share with you.  Today I only hope we can stop you from wasting $10 like we did.  Don’t make the same mistake we did.  Skip the laser guided scissors and just use a pencil and ruler to mark up whatever you want to cut.

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