Laser Teeth Whitening

In today’s world, getting a brighter smile can be accomplished in several ways. Talking to a dentist first will help determine if laser teeth whitening is the best method for a particular patient to get rid of the stains on his or her teeth. The best method will depend on the amount of staining on the teeth and the patient’s level of commitment to erasing them, plus how much the patient may be willing and able to pay for the service.

Oftentimes, very busy people will choose laser teeth whitening. This in-office method of erasing stains on the tooth enamel usually takes only one treatment by the dentist . The length of time it will actually take to remove the stains completely depends upon the depth and severity of the stains. Although it is the quickest way to remove oral ugliness, it also carries with it a high price tag, which varies by the location of the dentist’s office. Due to the quickness of the procedure, the patient’s friends and family will likely notice right away after it is done that he or she has made a big change. Thus, it is a good choice for someone who has a major event coming up a short time away from noticing the stains on his or her teeth.

Patients with sensitive teeth generally prefer this type of treatment. The ability to get dramatically whiter teeth in a short time or even in one dental visit attract those who would experience pain or other issues stemming from repeated bleaching of the teeth. The peroxide based gel and gentle laser light activation also lessen the incidence of pain for these patients. Because of the relative comfort level of this method of teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, the people with the condition often say that it is an economical way to brighten their smiles in spite of the monetary cost.

After a basic cleaning with the typical dental tools, the dentist or hygienist paints a translucent gel onto the patient’s teeth, which acts as a bleach. Applying laser light to the gel causes crystals in the bleaching solution to activate. These crystals, when activated, absorb the energy from the laser so they may penetrate the tooth enamel, thus breaking up the stains and causing the teeth to appear as much as ten shades whiter in the very successful treatments.

The cost of this method of teeth whitening varies by where in the country the patient lives, but averages between $300 and $2000 per treatment. The total cost of being treated in this manner also involves factors such as whether the dentist requires one treatment, as with most patients or more than one, such as in a case where medications or smoking may have deeply stained the teeth, to whiten the patient’s smile. Another hindrance to people wishing to undergo laser teeth whitening is that dental insurance typically does not pay for it since it is considered cosmetic, not necessary to the person‘s oral health.


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