Laser Treatment to Stop Smoking

One of the most popular treatments to stop smoking is laser therapy. That’s because this type of treatment offers immediate results and no side effects. Where some treatments such as patches offer no remedy for several months, laser therapy makes quitting nicotine easy for smokers as typically only two treatments are necessary to eliminate cravings. Therefore, one can stop smoking with much more ease.

Laser therapy of this kind is referred to as low level laser therapy or LLLT. A “cold” pure laser light is used at specific acupuncture points on the neck, face, wrists and hands. This type of treatment will cause the recipient to immediately feel relaxed. The therapy naturally raises the level of endorphins in one’s system. Endorphins are hormones that cause the smoker to feel calmer, just as a cigarette does. Where the level of endorphins drops in about one to two hours for smokers, the time for one who undergoes laser therapy is about three to five days; therefore, laser treatment provides a means for a person to reduce their cravings for nicotine.

When you smoke then, after about one or two hours your endorphins drop and you feel anxious and tense – ready to smoke another cigarette. Laser treatment helps you overcome your addiction by making it possible for you to feel the same way you normally do after you smoke so you won’t feel the need to smoke right away.

Usually after four to five days’ time, a person will eliminate the nicotine from his body. At that point, the smoker will be waging a mental war with respect his addiction. Many laser treatment centers offer counseling with regards to detoxification and making the necessary modifications so you can stop smoking once and for all.

Low level laser treatment is a viable option for anyone who wants to make a healthy change in his day-to-day habits. There are a number of good reasons to quit. According to statistics, smoking is responsible for the majority of lung cancer deaths (about 90%) and around the same number of deaths from chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Not only that, smoking is a primary contributor to stroke and heart attack. In addition, there is also the consideration of how smoking can affect members in the family.

Children who are subjected to secondhand smoke suffer from ear infections more, are more likely to develop asthma or have asthma attacks and suffer from respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Therefore, not only is one’s health at a far greater risk if he smokes, his childrens health is in peril as well.

Choosing low level laser treatment therapy then is an excellent solution if you’ve resolved to quit smoking. The therapy has already been approved by the FDA for carpal tunnel syndrome and has been used to treat muscoskeletal problems as it aids in tissue repair and therefore healing.

Because endorphins decrease stress and increase energy levels, people not only become addicted to the nicotine in tobacco, they also enjoy the feeling they receive while smoking. Low level laser therapy mimics the relaxed feeling you have while smoking and therefore helps you maintain the same sensation so you can quit.

Laser treatments have been used in Canada and Europe for over thirty years and are currently being investigated by the FDA for their effectiveness in helping people quit the smoking habit. They may be a good cure for you to consider if you want to overcome your addiction to nicotine.


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