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Last Call for Our Winners


I hate to waste a day that is normally dedicated to a review, but not having a winner claim either of the prizes we are trying to give away for last month is something that we hate even more.  This is our last call for our winners from October.  If you didn’t check your last email from us that might have ended up in your spam folder, or your “promotional” folder where Gmail might prefer to place it.  Depending on your time zone, you should have received the email on 10/31 or 11/1, so go back and check to see if you are one of our winners.  Normally we send two emails a month, but last month we only had time for one so we combined both winners into one email.

If you aren’t familiar with our giveaway.  Here are the quick details:

1.  Sign up here and each month you will be eligible to win either a $25 JetPens.com gift card, or a fountain pen, ink, and notebook from Goldspot.com.  The giveaway is for US based readers only though.

2.  Check your email for a confirmation and click on the link in the confirmation.  Again, the confirmation may be in  your spam folder.

3. Look for our email that we send twice a month, usually around the 15th and 30th of each month.

4. Open that email

5. Check for your name to see if you won, if so click reply to contact us and claim your prize.

Pretty simple, sign up and confirm it, then twice a month open two emails to see if your name appears.  Good luck! simple-smile-6018018

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