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Latex Free Antimicrobial Rubber Bands to Resist Breaking


Latex Free Antimicrobial Rubber Bands

Considering that we have been writing about office supplies here since November of 2008, its hard to believe that one entire office supply product has been completely neglected.  In this case its the essential rubber band, which I’ve finally had a chance to write about because of two unique features.  Today we are taking a look at some Latex Free Antimicrobial Rubber Bands from Alliance.  Initially I was skeptical about the antimicrobial claim, but read on to see why I my first negative impression on that claim was actually a bit misguided.


Latex Free Antimicrobial Rubber Bands Relaxed

These latex free antimicrobial rubber bands measure about 7″ long and 1/8″ wide.  The bright blue cyan color is intended to make them stand out from any other rubber bands you may have on hand.  The box you see in the first picture is sold by weight, so in this case the 1/4 lb. box contains 65 rubber bands.


Latex Free Antimicrobial Rubber Band Stretched to 18″

You probably need to click on the photo above to see the full length, but it easily stretches around this 18″ ruler.  The benefits of these latex free antimicrobial rubber bands are obvious for those that  have latex allergies, so I wont explain that.

The antimicrobial properties help sustain the makeup of the rubber band over time by resisting mold, fungi, and bacteria.  Meanwhile I was under the impression that these were coated with some antimicrobial agents to try and market these to people as being somehow healthier by avoiding germs in the classroom or in workplace.  This is totally not the case here.  I know I’ve had plenty of rubber bands that have snapped after long periods of time.  I never gave thought to the fact that the deterioration was due to anything other than old age and drying out.  Now I know better, its often the fungi and other things that break down and weaken them.

I’ll admit, I think I just wanted to be able to say that I’ve at least reviewed one rubber band on the site, so here you have it. The Latex Free Antimicrobial Rubber Bands byAlliance.  If anyone has tips on any other unique rubber bands, I’m open to suggestions.  Until then, this might be the one and only rubber band review you see on this (or any) site.

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