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Lead Holder 2MM Ohto Comfort Sharp


The Ohto Comfort Sharp Lead Holder

The Ohto Comfort Sharp Lead Holder is something I probably never would have tried out, had it not been for the generosity of Brad and Jetpens.  Typically I don’t like to use lead because of its tendency to get flat and dull very quickly, so to date I stick to my Kuru Toga that automatically rotates the lead to keep it constantly sharp.  For those of you that do like writing with lead, this lead holder is an interesting option.


The Grip and Point of the Ohto Comfort Sharp 2MM Lead Holder

This lead holder from Ohto has a nice soft plastic body that is actually slightly translucent, and a harder black plastic grip section which you see pictured above.  The clip on  is very wide (1/4″) and has an even wider oval-shaped plastic cap on the end.  For me, the clip was a bit obtrusive and overly tight to function as one would expect.  While the clip does allow you to affix the lead holder to papers, the amount of pressure required to lift it just enough to get papers under it is way too much.  I also found that the wide plastic cap on the end of the clip didn’t allow the lead holder to rotate smoothly in my hand as I tried to turn it to keep a sharp point.  It tended to get a little slowed down by getting caught up on the space between my thumb and forefinger.


Ohto Comfort Sharp Lead Holder Sharpener Cap

The sharpener, which is conveniently located inside the plastic plunger of the lead holder worked very nicely.  It slides off the top effortlessly, and does a great job shaping your lead into a nice sharp point, and easily slips back on the top where it sits until called upon to sharpen again.  The only thing I’d point out here though is that if  you like to nibble on the top of your writing implement you should be careful because with this particular sharpener, you will be inhaling the micro-particles of lead left behind from the act of sharpening.  I’m not a doctor, however I assume that it probably isnt healthy to inhale or digest these tiny scraps.

As I said before, the Ohto Comfort Sharp Lead Holder would never be my first choice of a writing (or most likely sketching) tool, but it does do a great job for an entry level lead holder, and you probably cant go wrong if you want to take one of these for a spin to see if you will like writing or sketching with one.  Also, a side note, these do come in a variety of colors from Jetpens, so check out that link and see for yourself.

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