Learn About Calcium Deposits


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Nutrition 
Published on 12-21-2008

Calcium deposits are also abundant inside our body. If protein reigns supreme on top of our heads and precisely on our hair, our body is made up of approximately 98 percent of calcium which are found in your bones. Then the other calcium deposits dispersed within our body can be found in certain organs because they help aid in different bodily functions such as cell division, pumping of blood for proper blood circulation, and of course digestion. However, if it happens that the calcium is not properly absorbed within the needed parts of the body it will reside in other areas where it will not be fully utilized.

Having enough calcium deposits inside the body is extremely important. More than just protecting the bones, they also enable blood to continue doing its functions. In case a calcium deficiency should arise inside the body, the bloodstream will rub off some calcium from the bones. The body is entirely dependent on food to get calcium as the nutrients are digested accordingly. And since the bones are naturally made from calcium, this is where they source out for the meantime should the food supply be lacking in calcium content.

Because of this “robbing”, bone deficiencies happen. One major example is osteoporosis wherein the bones become malleable and then inevitably weaken. Bone spurs is another effect of calcium deficiency. Women beyond 40 years old are the usual victims of these bone diseases.

To prevent these from happening, there are certain solutions to keeping calcium deposits inside the body intact. The most common is to ensure that around one gram of calcium must be consumed by an average person everyday. However, calcium deposits may only reside in certain areas within the body and not be distributed accordingly. This is why exercise becomes very important. When you exercise, you move your body accordingly and so the calcium deposits are evenly distributed as well from the rigorous activity. Sitting down for over a long period of time can usually lead to bone spurs and abnormal build up of calcium deposits since these nutrients get stuck in one place only.

It is also advisable that a glass of milk be consumed everyday. This makes sure that you get one hundred percent pure calcium. When you eat your meals, you do not get that much calcium because there are other nutrients found in the food you eat. However, a glass of milk is first and foremost rich in calcium. Some even advise that a glass of milk be taken in the morning and one in the evening. This way, you can ensure that calcium deposits are properly maintained within the body.

Although some people depend on calcium supplements, nothing beats getting calcium from the authentic sources. You should also know that some calcium supplements simply contain calcium carbonates which are not properly absorbed by the bones as well as the bloodstream. At present, a new discovery has been found in calcium supplements which get their nutrients from coral calcium. This coral calcium is eventually proven to be healthier and more effective than calcium carbonate.


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