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Learn About Different Types of Essays

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 12/5/2008
  • Writing

There are many different types of essays, all of which must be utilized at different times. No matter what kind of essay it is, all of them share some of the same basic rules. For one, you always want to make sure that you have perfect spelling and grammar, as there is no reason why there should be any flaws in that regard. Essays should be well structured, organize, and flow well. In other words, you do not want to jump aimlessly from topic to topic, and there should be transitions if you need to start talking about something else. Other than that, the specific composition of an essay varies by type, and it is important to be familiar with those variations. Anybody who wants to go to college is bound to encounter the college essay. A typical college essay involves being asked a question and constructing a response. The word count varies, although it does not have to be too long, often between three hundred fifty and five hundred words. In fact, it is frowned upon if you write too long an essay, as readers want to get through as many applications as fast as possible, and thousand word essays only inhibit the process.

It is not even necessary that a long essay be written, as the purpose of a college essay is to let the university know more about the applicant. While most people think of the admissions part of college as strict and serious, humor can play a major role in college essays. After all, if humor is an important quality of the writer, and they show it in an intelligent way, the college will respect a

nd admire that. Sometimes the same college essay can be used at multiple colleges if an identical or similar question is asked, so it is critical that all college essays are well crafted, detailed, edited, and read over multiple times. It is acceptable to let a peer or any intellectual you know read over the essay to make sure it is good and offer ideas. Sometimes other people can see mistakes or errors that you cannot, so even if you think your essay is perfect, it is best to get a second opinion. Another type of essay that is similar to the college one is the scholarship essay. These should be more serious and demonstrate why you deserve the scholarship over other people. Scholarship essays do not need to be as long as college essays, and it is generally a bad idea to try to use a college essay as a scholarship one (although sometimes it can work). However, like college essays, you can use scholarship essays multiple times, as long as the essay topic relates to what is being asked. Scholarship topics are broader than what colleges ask, and can range from the almost ridiculous to very serious. As long as you plan and edit properly, you will be okay.

The aforementioned essays have been highly important and to some extent determine your future. As a student, you will encounter many more essays in your regular school work. While these essays are still important, they are by no means as integral as college or scholarship essays. You do not need to spend days on them; in fact, they can be completed in less than hour. It is still required that you proofread and edit what you write, but not with as great detail as other essays.



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