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Learn About the Different Usage of Duct Tape and Flagging Tape

When it comes to tapes, there are different types of tapes available in the market today. The craft stores and the hardware stores sell all sorts of tapes that are there. Some of these tapes are multipurpose and they serve to different needs while others have their specific uses. You will need to learn about the different functions of the different tapes in order to make proper use of them. Tapes also come in different forms both adhesive and non-adhesive. These tapes also come in different colors. You can use these different tapes for various projects around the house or your office. Here are two of the common types of tapes and their usage:

Duct Tape: Whenever you think of adhesive tapes, the first thing that people think about is duct tape. Duct tape is one of the common types of tape that is widely used all around the world for a variety of purposes. All of us have used duct tapes at some point in our lives as the use of duct tape is a necessary thing in numerous projects.

To say simply, the duct tapes are adhesive tapes with a cloth-back. These types of tapes are easy to rip than to cut. The duct tapes are made of three layers. The first layer is of polyethylene, and then comes a layer of fabric mesh, the third layer is adhesive. Duct tapes are available in different width. Duct tapes are available in width starting from .7 inches – 2.83 inches but duct tapes with width of 1.88 inches are the most common.

Duct tape was originally known as “duck tape” and mainly because it was green in color and was waterproof. But later on, the duck tape started to be known as duct tape and it was colored silver. The reason for this was duct tape’s applicability in air conditioning and heating. As far as the duct tapes are concerned, there are basically four grades available such as industrial, professional, all-purpose and utility. You can also find speciality tapes that do not necessarily fit these categories.

Flagging tape: As far as the non-adhesive tapes are concerned, flagging tapes are to be mentioned. The flagging tape has different applications but these tapes are generally used for creating extremely bright and highly visible markings. Flagging tape is often referred to as flagging ribbon or survey tapes. You can get flagging tapes from the regular hardware stores or the nursery stores. The medical supply stores often sell flagging tapes as well. The flagging tapes can come handy in a number of situations and it may be useful for you to keep a roll or two at home.

The flagging tape is generally bright in color and it may be either solid or printed. You can get flagging tapes with printed patterns such as checks, dots, stripes and so on. The flagging tapes are generally made of vinyl or some other material that is weather resistant. Though, you can also find biodegradable flagging tapes that are made for specific applications.

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