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Learn How These Copywriting Tips Can Boost Your Conversions

  • By Joezer Ninetie
  • Published 01/18/2012
  • Copywriting

It can make a huge difference to your business if you learn to write powerful sales copy. Below are some effective tips to guide your path better. One of the easiest ways to convince someone about your product is to tell them a story. That’s correct; your sales copy can include a story that explains your product and the background behind it. It is commonly known that people like to read stories, particularly when winning and losing is involved. If the product has a story behind it, don’t be afraid to tell it. People won’t mind knowing how the product actually came into existence and what hurdles you faced. They understand that you had already experienced their situation and you could now help them with their problem. It’s not unusual that a background story goes with your product/service; it’s all focused on how you put it in front of your chosen audience. This is an old copywriting technique that works really well. The reason it works is because people connect to your copy through emotions, and when there is a story involved, they go into overdrive. To simplify everything being honest about it heightens the trust level you share with your prospect and lets you connect with him on a higher level. So don’t hide it if there is any kind of story about your product. Put it out for your target audience to see and check out the kind of response you get. When writing your copy, you must put an emphasis on writing extremely clearly.

Don’t confuse your prospect whatever you do. You’ll want to make it seem as t

hough you’re sitting directly across from your prospect and talking to him directly. When your prospect reads your sales copy, you should focus on his or her emotions. All the focus and attention is on the person reading the copy. You will be creating a stronger relationship with the person reading your copy so that you can ensure he’s more primed to purchase what you’re selling. Your prospect will begin trusting what you say and he will think as you want him to. You will use your writing to let him know that you’re speaking only to him and that you’re only dealing with his problems. After all, the entire selling process is reliant on how the customer feels about you. Your main aim is to get the prospect to feel as though you are speaking only to him, and that you’re focused on his problems, so that he’ll make up his mind to buy from you. You should never just create a big block of words when creating your copy, and instead draw your customers in. In order to make it clearer, you should use lots of bullet points. You can utilize bullet points to cause your readers to see how they’ll benefit from your products more simply. If your prospects were to lightly glance over your copy, the bullets would make your important elements easily digestible. They will instantly see what your product will give them. Your copy will also look more professionally put together as your sales copy will be better put together. Also, make sure you follow each of your features with a benefit.

All in all success with copywriting calls for putting in a lot of effort and commitment. But you can write good copy once you start practicing it on a regular basis.


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by Joezer Ninetie



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